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10.5 Tog Goose Feather Duvet

10.5 Tog Goose Feather Duvet

10.5 Tog Goose Feather Duvet


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Our Goose Feather & Down 10.5 Tog Duvet cover features a luxurious combination of natural fillings which fit perfectly around any sleeping body with a lightweight but warming feel. All the duvet covers are made with a special construction too which ensures the fillings don't move around in the duvet therefore allowing the warmth to spread evenly.
This duvet features a perfect balance of goose feather and goose down for an ideal pure soft luxury feel. Only the finest fillings are included in this duvet with a unique blend to ensure that you can have a great night's sleep. This duvet would be suitable for use within most months of the year ensuring a cosy, warm sleeping environment. This Goose Feather & Down duvet is encased within a special boxed construction which ensures the fillings don't move around within the duvet providing even warmth. The natural down within the duvet is an efficient insulator and this duvet is no exception providing softness and comfort as well as a great level of warmth. This duvet is able to be machine washed too for practicality.
Our Thoughts & Experience
This duvet is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a natural filled duvet that doesn't compromise on affordability. The warmth factor of this duvet will keep you warm throughout the year.

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