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Let's Give Back.

For every order made until Monday 28th Nov, Get Laid Beds in partnership with ITF will plant 6* trees in Kenya. Helping to both combat climate change and provide a livelihood for struggling communities in poverty.

Trees are a source of life, and amongst the many types, African families can both live off and sell, mangos, avocado, macadamia and Jackfruit are grown on these projects to help improve their quality of life.

The amazing work of the International Tree Foundation (ITF), has made this all possible. Established in 1924, Get Laid Beds has the privilege today to help in a small way towards their ambitious goal of planting 20,000,000 trees in Kenya's forests by 2024.

Buying a 'wooden' bed is just one way towards reducing your carbon footprint. A renewable material, that if we keep on planting sustainably, we can help reforest our world as it once was.

6* Trees is based on a average order value. Proportionally, the higher value your order, the more trees you will help plant.

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Pocket 7000 Mattress

Pocket 7000 Mattress
Pocket 7000 Mattress
Pocket 7000 Mattress

Pocket 7000 Mattress


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A pocket sprung mattress consisting of 7000 individually encased springs, our hand tufted Pocket 7000 Mattress is handcrafted to ensure comfort and guarantee quality.
Why Choose A Pocket 7000 Mattress?
  • Uniquely Designed 7000 Pocket Spring System - This pocket sprung mattress incorporates a pocket spring system which helps to distribute weight evenly across the surface of your bed, providing an unrivalled level of comfort and support during sleep.
  • Durable Soft Knit Fabric - Developed to compliment this particular mattress, Soft Knit Fabric is used, this fabric is soft to the touch and elasticated to help avoid rips and tears for sustained durability.
  • Hand Tufted - This mattress is hand tufted by textile professionals to offer you a more traditional look and feel than standard factory made mattresses.
  • Hypo-Allergenic - Only the finest hypoallergenic polyester fillings are used to make this mattress, all of which are specially developed to help repel allergens by increasing air flow through the mattress. This makes the Pocket 7000 Mattress a popular choice for allergy sufferers who are looking for a comfortable, undisrupted night's sleep.
Technical Details For Our Pocket 7000 Mattress
Mattress Thickness
As this mattress contains 7000 pocket springs it is thicker than our standard mattresses with an overall thickness of 33 cm.
Mattress Construction & Fillings
Formed using pocket sprung technology, the Pocket 7000 Mattress contours your body to provide extra support and comfort. The use of a pocket spring system offers a superior feel when compared to more basic open coil mattresses. Unlike with open coil mattresses, the individually placed springs help to reduce the transfer of movement, ensuring that sleeping partners are not disturbed. The technology provides pressure point relief for people who find they are more comfortable sleeping on their side.Hand tufted with a luxury ‘cool touch’ soft knit fabric cover, this mattress is designed with specific technology to improve air flow through the mattress to improve its longevity. 
Firmness & Comfort (Firm)
The Pocket 7000 Mattress is a relatively firm mattress. We recommend this mattress for those who like the extra support of a firm mattress without too much rigidity. The padding and soft touch cover add a touch of softness to this mattress.  
Guarantee & Workmanship
We are so confident that the workmanship and uniquely chosen natural fillings selected for this mattress are of a high quality that we offer a 10 year warranty  as standard with many of our pocket sprung mattresses.
Our Thoughts & Experience
The Pocket 7000 Mattress has the highest spring count of any of our pocket sprung mattresses, and 7x that of a standard pocket sprung mattress. Its elite pocket spring technology ensures that this mattress is worth the investment and will last for years to come.

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