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Black Friday

An Overview Of Our ‘Give Back Week’ Campaign

What is Black Friday?

A Little Bit of History to Get You Started

The term 'Black Friday' originates from America and is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s now traditional for retailers to offer large discounts and special offers.The day has now become an unofficial start to the festive shopping seasons, with many using it as an opportunity to start their shopping for Christmas. Black Friday didn’t exactly exist here in the UK until 2010, with public awareness growing massively in 2013 to the big event we know today.

Give Back Week

What We Did in 2016 to Help the Environment

Last year, to celebrate Black Friday, we ran our Give Back Week in partnership with the International Tree Foundation. It was during this period we planted trees with every bed we sold as part of our environmental responsibility as a bed manufacturer. We managed to plant more than 2,000 trees in Kenya!

The International Tree Foundation

Our Work With The ITF

Established in 1922, the International Tree Foundation (ITF) is known for its support and operation of reforestation projects. Their mission is to plant 20 million trees in Kenya by 2024. Many of the trees planted by the ITF are fruit trees such as Mango. These trees yield enough produce for both families to eat and sell as a source of income.

Tree Planting Impact

How Get Laid Beds Made an Impact

The trees we planted not only benefited the planet, but also those whose communities they were planted in. The trees provided a source of food and income for families who nurture them into adulthood. They also provided a home for local wildlife to live and thrive.

Why Buy Get Laid Beds?

We’re Confident In Our Own Product

We use a range of different traditional carpentry techniques to ensure each bed frame is built to last. Our team of expert craftsmen strive to ensure each wooden bed is durable through our 19 production stages. We’re so confident in the quality of our wooden beds that comes with an 11-year guarantee.

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