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Pumpkin Carving History

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s nearly the time of year where we try to carve are most artistic face out of a pumpkin. We’ll then set them outside our door with their orange glow, welcoming trick or treaters to our … Continue reading

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Clever Loft Bed Ideas

At Get Laid Beds we are always looking for ways to have something available for every customer. This makes us proud to talk about our Loft Bed Ideas. Perfect for where ceiling space is low, these bed frames would make … Continue reading

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Our Small Guest Room Ideas

Within our Get Laid Beds range we offer plenty of bed frames which make excellent small guest room ideas. All our bed frames are handmade in the UK, and are available in a variety of colour options. This makes finding … Continue reading

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Top 5 Snacks To Avoid Before Bed

The late night struggle of getting to sleep, it’s happened to us all. But did you know, that late night snacking may actually be part of reason why you’re struggling to get to sleep at night? Here are some of … Continue reading

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Nightmares and Sleep

Nightmares. They’re something, especially as a child, almost all of us have had. While it’s true that they’re common within children, an adult having nightmares isn’t unheard of. It’s estimated around 1 in 2 adults will have a nightmare on … Continue reading

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Low Loft Bed

At Get Laid Beds we understand that often space can be tight and fitting in new furniture can be tough. This is why we offer a Wooden Low Loft Bed. This solid frame is the lowest in our Wooden Bed … Continue reading

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Helping a Baby Sleep

While some babies will soon be sleeping through the nights, others won’t. This blog will demonstrate some ways which can help get your baby sleeping through the night. One great start is to begin teaching your baby that there is … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Bed Time Stories

Bedtime stories are something we all experienced when we were younger, and each of us had that one favourite story we could listen to multiple times without getting bored. They may seem so simple, but did you know bedtimes stories … Continue reading

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Chicken Facts

Chickens. They’re the cause of the famous debate ‘Which came first?’. They’re also the subject of the famous ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ jokes. And finally of course, they’re the key element of a Sunday dinner. They’re actually … Continue reading

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Creating A Peaceful Bedroom

Bedrooms are a place to sleep, and relax. It’s important they reflect this. Having a comfy mattress, bed and covers is a very important factor, but paying attention to how the room looks can also help to create a more … Continue reading

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