Our Space Saver Beds – Perfect For Those Tight Spaces

Platform Bed (Space Saver) - The Space Saver Range - Handmade by Get Laid Beds

We at Get Laid Beds know that the ideal bed frame for your room can be hard to find, especially if you’re searching for a bed to fit into an awkward or smaller space. This is why we designed our range of ‘Space Saver Beds’. These beds are similar to many of our most popular bed designs but they work towards the concept of saving space.

The Space Saver Beds feature a simple concept yet work massively towards saving valuable space in your bedroom. In most of our standard bed frames, the mattress sits within the bed frame. With Space Saver Beds, the mattress sits flush against the frame which helps to save extra centimetres to ensure that the bed frame can fit into even the smallest spaces.

One of our most popular Space Saver Beds is our Low Oriental Bed (Space Saver). This bed utilises the same sleep and modern design as that standard Low Oriental Bed but like many in the Space Saver range, the mattress sits against the frame to ensure that you save several centimetres which can prove valuable in smaller spaces. The Low Oriental is also a popular choice as it has the Space Saving option but still features a headboard and would be ideal for use within master bedrooms, attic rooms and loft rooms alike.

Another of our most popular Space Saver Beds is the Platform Bed (Space Saver). This bed frame features a solid and simplistic design which helps to maximum space in your bedroom. The clearance underneath the bed frame can prove beneficial for additional storage space in your room. The Platform Bed Space Saver doesn’t feature a headboard which also helps to save valuable space in the bedroom and can be used in a wide variety of settings such as master bedrooms, guest rooms, kid’s rooms and loft/attic rooms.

Other Space Saver Beds could include our Low Loft Bed (Space Saver) which is one of the lowest frames available at Get Laid Beds which would be ideal for those who wish to maximise the space they have available. At Get Laid Beds we also feature our Floating Bed (Space Saver), Floating Platform Bed (Space Saver), White Knight Bed (Space Saver) and the Low Platform Bed (Space Saver).

So if you are struggling for space in your room, have a look at our Space Saver Beds. Should you wish for any of our other frames, however, to be slightly smaller we do offer a full bespoke custom size and alteration process which can ensure that no matter the space you have to work with, there will always be a bed frame to suit you.

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