What Bed Frame is Best for You?

With you spending such a large amount of time in bed (in fact around ⅓ of our life) it’s vital you choose the right one. The perfect bed will not only compliment your bedroom, but also lead to a better nights sleep. The following information is designed to help you make the right choice.

Consider the Size of Your Room

Overall, considering how big your room is a key factor in the buying decision. If you have small bedroom, then a space saver may be for you. These are carefully designed to make the most out of your space available. A bedroom should free you from the stresses of  work day and clutter free bedroom is easier to relax in.

What Style of Bed Frame?

Of course, another consideration is the style of bed frame you are after. Are you looking for a classic style or something more modern.

Traditional Design

If you have a cottage style setting, we recommend choosing a traditional design. We have a variety of bed frames which meet this condition, including our Classic Bed, a true sense of old England. 

Modern Design

If you are someone looking for a more modern twist, we have a large amount of designs available on our wooden beds page. These would work in any contemporary setting. 

The Colour of Your Room

Of course, another consideration should always be the colour scheme of your bedroom. We have a vast collection of colours, including hardwoods. This makes it simple to match your existing colours and furniture. If you require any samples, we will be happy to assist.

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