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Microfibre Silky Pillow

Microfibre Silky Pillow

Microfibre Silky Pillow

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Our Microfibre Pillows are filled with silky soft microfibres which are carefully blended with fine hollowfibre to ensure a soft and comfortable night’s sleep.
Our Microfibre Pillows feature layers of soft silky microfibres that are then carefully blended with fine hollowfibre - this creates an excellent combination of comfort and both of these materials benefit from being hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those who suffer with allergies. Hollowfibres help to trap heat more than other synthetic fibres therefore creating a warm and cosy sleeping environment. This is further increasings by the very fine microfibres that are very warm and are known for being soft and lightweight. The pillows are then encased within a 100% cotton cover to keep them fresh and hygienic for longer.
Our Thoughts & Experience
These pillows are highly comfortable and help to create a soft sleeping environment for your head. The naturally hypoallergenic hollowfibres and microfibres ensure a great night’s sleep.

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