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Low Upholstered Bed
Dew (Fabric) Finish
  An attractive addition to our upholstered bed range, the handmade Low Upholstered Bed offers a simple and elegant upholstered bed frame design that makes use of a slightly taller headboard than more conventional fabric beds, to help provide additional support. Both sleek and modern, this bespoke upholstered bed frame is a lavish addition to ..
The Caesar Bed
Chrome (Fabric) Finish
  This aesthetically pleasing upholstered bed frame is just one of many recent additions to our range of fabricated handmade beds. The headboard of the caesar bed is slightly smaller than that on the Canterbury Bed, which means that the Caesar Bed is better suited to bedrooms  with a smaller ceiling height. We consistently c..
The Florence Bed
White (Fabric) Finish
  The Florence Bed frame is a beautiful, conventional addition to any bedroom, no matter whether it’s the master bedroom or a guest bedroom. This stunning upholstered bed frame features a particularly tall fabric headboard, making it an excellent choice for those that enjoy reading in bed. The stylish Florence Bed is available in a variety of upholstered f..
The Canterbury Bed
Wheat (Fabric) Finish
Our handmade Canterbury Bed is just one of our range of upholstered wooden bed frames. This bed frame design features a high headboard that aims to provide a comforting level of support when resting your back and neck upon it, making The Canterbury Bed the ideal choice  for those that like to do a bit of reading whilst in bed. Available in a vari..
Four Seasons Bed
Headboard - Chrome (Fabric) Finish
The unique Four Seasons Bed frame is one of several upholstered beds that we offer. The design of this stylish upholstered bed aims to bring an element of uniqueness and style to your bedroom. With style as its main focus, the Four Seasons Bed allows you to alternate between a standard upholstery bed and a platform upholstery bed. The  Four Seasons Bed is available..
Soho Tufted Bed
Chrome (Fabric) Finish
​ The Soho Tufted Bed upholstered bed frame is one of just many stylish upholstered beds that we offer. Designed to bring an air of mystery to your bedroom, the Soho Tufted Bed has an inset frame, creating an entrancing floating effect. It’s a modern design, that uses a strong fabric to ensure that your bed is comfortable due to its cotton-like feel. This handmade up..

Upholstered Bed Frames

Our upholstered beds are an addition to our bed range which feature comfortable fabric headboards and bed frames. We have 6 interesting and stunning designs to choose from, each taking inspiration from what has made our wooden bed frames so popular. These high quality upholstered bed frames are luxurious and sure to add a stunning touch to any bedroom.
Choosing one of these beds has many different benefits. The headboards on our upholstered beds are incredibly soft and comforting to the touch, providing a more comfortable nights sleep compared to a wooden headboard alternative. The materials have been carefully selected to provide a cotton like feel, while being made from very strong fibres. When buying your bed frame, you’re able to select the colour of the fabric of the bed so you can not only compliment your decor, but also make your bed frame personal to you. There are 7 stunning fabric colours to choose from, including such colours as sophisticated Chrome, smooth Dew and contemporary Pearl colours which have proven popular among our customers.
We aim to provide a service which allows for our customers to get the enjoyment of personalising their bed.This means that as well as our range of fabric colour options, we also offer a bespoke alteration service for your bed frame. If you’d like to alter any part of the bed design or size, you can do this for as little as £55. The construction of all these upholstered frames still use mortise and tenon joints, which provides a quality and robust bed frame that lasts for years to come. So sure are we of the quality of our upholstered beds, that we offer an 11 year structural guarantee as standard across all our upholstered bed frames.
Our aim is to source the timber we use to make our beds from  sustainable locations, that are both FSC and PEFC approved. We take great pride in respecting our environmental responsibilities and we always aim for your upholstered bed to be as environmentally sourced as possible. Our mission is to provide a high quality service and while hand making your bed frame all the way up to being delivered at your door. If you have any questions, or would like to order one of our upholstered beds, please give our friendly customer service a call on 0207 183 5464.
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