This is the Most Popular Image Ever on Instagram with 50 million likes

Weighing in at around 56g, a very normal egg has become the most liked photo on Instagram, beating Kylie Jenner’s photo of her newborn baby.

We don’t like to brag, but for a while, we at least hoped we had the most famous egg in the world. That was until just the other day when another egg decided to compete on only January 4th 2019.  We laid ours some 7 years ago! A simple stock image of an egg was posted on Instagram with the caption Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this”. Continue reading

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Luxurious London skyscraper selects Get Laid Beds for poolside relaxation

Upon visiting London recently, you will find it hard not to see a new curved glass tower sitting on the Thames Southbank, near the London Eye.  One Blackfriars has now opened and is arguably the most luxurious residential skyscraper in London.  With flats ranging upwards of £12 million, it would not be fitting if it didn’t have its own spa, or what the property has named a “luxury thermal suite”.  With its own ice fountain and snow cabin, residents can also find three elegant four poster beds, handmade by Get Laid Beds. Continue reading

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Bespoke Four Poster Beds

Bespoke Four Poster Beds

Grand in appearance and bold in structure, four poster beds have been around for thousands of years. They were originally used to protect the sleeper from draughts and insects. It was during the Tudor times, that they were a luxurious choice which represented class and even today they’re still seen in as a luxurious option. All our bespoke four poster beds are made from solid wood and promise to deliver the perfect night’s sleep. Continue reading

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Wooden Bed Frames without a Headboard

Bed frame without a headboard

The variety of appearances of wooden bed frames come in is something our customers love. Some of our bed frames are without a headboard, and it’s this exclusion which makes them perfect for loft or attic rooms due to the small amount of floor space they take up.

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Buy Made to Measure Beds

Made to Measure Beds

It can often be so difficult to find the perfect size bed frame for your bedroom space. Often many retailers will only offer standard sizes and not made to measure beds. Whether you’re after a smaller bed for the guest room or a large for a master bedroom, we have a collection of made to measure beds available to choose from. Continue reading

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Buy a Reinforced Bed

Buy a Reinforced Bed

We’re all about a quality finish and our family heritage in carpentry has led us to become one of the leading handmade bed makers. Our collection of wooden frames are expertly made to ensure a high quality, reinforced  bed which is built to last. To achieve this, we use 2x thicker than industry standard slats which can support an exceptional weight of 474kg and use traditional carpentry methods handed down through the generations. Continue reading

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Thank You – We’ve Planted 10,000 Trees in Africa

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our customers, you’ve helped us reach this incredible milestone! A commendable 1 in 5 GLB orders are now choosing to make a contribution to help reforest the once lush landscape of Kenya.  Why Kenya? Because it is one of the least forested countries in Africa, with only 7% tree cover. Agricultural expansion, timber harvesting and charcoal burning led to massive deforestation in the 70’s and 80’s. The economic impacts are as important as the environmental ones and the planting of these 10,000 trees will help solve both.   Continue reading

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Double Four Poster Beds

Choosing the ideal bed size can often be very difficult. Rooms can be so restrictive and we sometimes miss out on the perfect bed design due to it being too big for the bedroom we’re placing it in.  We have multiple different sizes available, including our double four poster beds, perfect for any setting, especially master bedrooms. Continue reading

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Wooden Bed Frames With a Headboard

Our wooden bed collection is something that is rapidly growing to meet the demands of customers for the various styles of beds they’re after. We’re often asked about our bed frames with a headboard. Continue reading

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Our Japanese Style Beds

A Typical Japanese Bed Category Main Banner Image

Discover our collection of minimalist, low Japanese style beds that make spacious and modern bedrooms

You’ll love the distinct appearance of the traditional Japanese style beds with their simple design, low profile and clean lines. Each one lovingly handcrafted in the United Kingdom and available in different sizes and colour finishes.

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