4 Reasons Why a Double Bed Frame Is An Ideal Choice

Our collection of elegant wooden bed designs are available in many different styles and sizes. These are all handmade to order using traditional methods handed down through the generations. One popular size is a double bed frame. This are a great choice in a variety of different scenarios.

Expertly Crafted
All our double bed frames are handmade to order using a range of different methods carried out by our team of expert craftsmen. These techniques are tried, tested and guaranteed to produce a long-lasting wooden bed frame.

For Couples
Another reason why a double bed frame is an ideal choice is for couples. Our double bed frames provide plenty of space for two sleepers and are also available in our space-saving range. The clever and unique design of these beds allows the mattress to sit on top of the wooden frame, rather than within, saving valuable space where it may be tight.

Beautiful Bed Designs
Our variety of double bed frame designs are excellent for various different bedrooms. We have a Low Bed, Platform Bed and Four Poster Bed Collection to name a few. Each category contains stunning bed designs sure to be the focal point of any bedroom. Each is lovingly handmade to order.

11 Year Guarantee
As each wooden bed frame is handmade to order, using techniques handed down through the generations, we’re able to offer an 11-year guarantee on all our wooden bed frames. We’re incredibly proud of the 19 production stages which go into this and contribute to their structural integrity.

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