5 of The Best Types of Pillow

You may think that one pillow is made for every style of bed, however you couldn’t be any further away from the truth. Here at Get Laid Beds, we have a vast range of pillows, specifically designed to suit the way that you sleep from supporting the neck to hugging your head we are sure to have one for you. Check out our list below of our best pillows and see what you think.

HollowFibre Pillow – If a comfortable, high quality pillow is what you’re looking for, then stop searching…. With it being hypoallergenic and highly affordable it benefits you as our customer. It has a comfort rating of medium so is suitable for most people.

Hollow Fibre Pillow

Goose Feather Down Pillow – If it’s luxury you’re after then these high quality pillows stuffed with luxurious goose feathers and down filling,  provide a harmonious support to your head and neck, helping to aid a perfect night’s sleep.

MicroFibre Silky Pillow – If you want your head to get lost in the pillow, then this soft highly pleasant pillow could be the key. The Hollow Fibres help to trap heat more than other synthetic fibres, creating a cushy, warm environment to sleep in.

Hungarian Goose down Pillow- This is the top dog of all pillows, its the ultimate in luxury containing 100% natural goose down and encased in a fine cotton cover. Extremely high levels of support and comfort are on offer, appealing to a wide variety of people to once again offer a fantastic night’s sleep.

Memory MicroFibre Foam Pillow – This firmer pillow, is the ideal choice for customers who require extra support with their head and neck. The supportive and hugging memory microfibres work to mould to the shape of your head, positioning your body in the perfect way and tailor made for the way you sleep.

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