5 Popular Wooden Bed Frame Finishes

Popular wooden bed frame finishes

When it comes to buying a bed frame from Get Laid Beds there is plenty of options to choose from. As each of these is made to order, we are able to other various coloured finishes too. This has proven very popular with those looking to match their brand new bed frame with their current decor. You can choose from various coloured stains as well as hardwood finishes.

One of our most popular hardwood finishes is Oak. This is a stunning light colour which looks brilliant in a bedroom environment. Oak is commonly associated with being a quality timber which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. We feel four poster beds are highly complimented in this wooden bed frame finish.

Also very popular is our Sandy finish. Although this is a Scandinavian pine finish, do not be put off. This is still an incredibly high-quality choice which is guaranteed to last for years to come. The natural sandy colour promises to make an eye-catching bed for your bedroom.

Walnut is another hardwood finish we have on offer. This dark coloured natural chocolate looking finish is sure to make a luxurious piece in your bedroom. If you are after a darker colour finish while still remaining natural then this is certainly the options for you.

We also offer clear (untreated). This is popular with those after a completely natural look or even looking to stain their frame at home.

A White finish is a popular choice we offer for those looking for a less natural colour yet still stunning looking bed frame. White is a colour which can work great in bedrooms and this is certainly the case when our beds are stained like this.

In terms of quality, both our pine and hardwood finishes are incredibly durable and built to last. One of the biggest differences is the amount of time the trees take to grow. While pine fully grow in 5 years, a hardwood can take up to 100.

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