A Bed Frame Without A Headboard

Image of bed without headboard

At Get Laid Beds we often get asked about buying a Wooden Bed Frame Without a Headboard. An example of this would be our stylish Platform Bed (Space Saver). This bed frame can be seen in the image above. The Platform Bed (Space Saver) is one of the several types like this from our Wooden Beds collection.

Why Choose A Bed Frame Without a Headboard?

A headboard doesn’t affect the overall structure and quality of your wooden bed frame. A lot of people choose to have their bed frame without a headboard because of a shift in design preferences. Many people now prefer to create a chic design in their bedroom and a great to do this is to choose a bed without the headboard. Another reason for the increase in people choosing a Bed Frame Without a Headboard is because it can save space, but it also offers the opportunity for someone to use their own preference.

A Bed Frame Without a Headboard may not be the most appropriate choice for everyone. This is why we also offer a vast collection of beds that do feature a headboard. An excellent example would be our handcrafted Floating Bed. This wooden bed frame features a solid slanted headboard. This sophisticated design provides great extra support for those who enjoy sitting up in bed reading or watching TV. A headboard can also make a unique feature of your bedroom.

Contact Us

If you have a question to ask about buying a Bed Frame Without a Headboard or any of our other bed frames, don’t hesitate to call our team on 0207 183 5464 or send them an email on hello@getlaidbeds.co.uk. They will be happy to help you with any queries that you may have and offer their expert advice in choosing the ideal handmade bed frame for you.

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