A Low Sloping Ceiling Is Not The End Of The World…

A Low Sloping Ceiling Is Not The End Of The World

We have a large selection of different wooden beds within our range. Included in this is our low beds. These have proven very popular and are the perfect option where low ceiling height has to be considered.

Our handmade Low Oriental (Space Saver) is the ideal bed frame for places where there’s a shortage of space as well as a low sloped ceiling. The modern frame design has been created so that the mattress sits on top of it which reduces the overall size of the bed. The low nature of the bed means that it works perfectly in attic or loft conversions.

The Low Modern Bed is a sleek and contemporary design which would offer a unique feature to any bedroom. Thanks to the Low Modern Bed sitting so close to the floor, it’s a bed which is perfect for attic or loft conversions where a low sloped ceiling would otherwise compromise your choice on bed.

The Low Platform Bed (Space Saver) is another stunning addition to our low space saving bed range. This is the ideal bed frame for those looking to maximise their bedroom space. This is a unique frame which holds both the qualities of our low bed range as well as our space efficient range too.

Each one of our bed frames is expertly hand crafted by our experienced team in the workshop. We’re so sure on the quality of our handmade bed frames that each one comes with an 11 year guarantee.  We also have a variety of colour finishes and hardwoods options to help make sure you can choose a bed which best suits your decor requirements. If you wish to make alterations to the dimensions of your bed, then this is also a service we offer with prices starting from just £55.

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