Accessories For Your Wooden Bed Frame

wooden bed frame accessories

When it comes to ordering your wooden bed frame, you can also choose from some bespoke accessories to accompany the style of your bed. All of these accessories can add to the elegance of your wooden bed, giving your bed a unique element as well as adding to the uses of your handmade bed.

Floating Shelf

Our handcrafted Floating Shelf is designed for people to rest their phone on or an alarm clock on top of. This bedside table simply fits onto the side of your wooden bed frame. It can be installed with ease as no tools, screws or brackets need to fit onto the bed. Making this shelf very useful if you are looking for a simple, yet effective, shelf. 

Low Bedside Table

Our Low Bedside Table is the perfect accessory to accompany your Low Modern Attic Bed or Low Loft Bed. This accessory is not attached to your bed frame, allowing for more flexibility as you can place your low bedside table wherever you want. The Low Bedside Table can be finished to match your wooden bed frame, which adds to the decor of your bedroom.

Underbed Storage Boxes

We have several options for underbed storage, all of which are ideal and these storage compartments can easily fit underneath your standard height bed. Underbed storage is ideal for those that want to organise their bedroom and clear up any loose items on their floor. As with our wooden beds, you can choose from our vast array of finishes for your underbed storage boxes. That way you can ensure that your storage matches with the finish of your bed.

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