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Managing Your Sleeping Patterns

Maintaining a balanced sleeping pattern can be vital, it can have an effect on your day to day life. Even missing an hour of sleep at night can have a huge impact on how you function the following day. Sleep … Continue reading

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How A Mattress Protector Can Keep Your Mattress Clean

Finding the right mattress can often take a long time. So once you have finally found the ideal mattress for you, it’s important to get the longest life out of it as possible. While there are many different care tips … Continue reading

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Curved Corner Legs – For Perfectly Contoured Bed Frames

At Get Laid Beds, we specialise in the manufacturing of handmade solid wooden bed frames that are built to stand the test of time and with this, we love to further develop our products and add new and exciting things … Continue reading

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Earth Day: The Environmental Day Of The Year

Yesterday, April 22nd was Earth Day which is a day organised by the Earth Day Network which aims to ‘inform and energise populations so they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children.’ Earth Day is … Continue reading

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Our Floating Beds – Conveniently Stylish & Space Saving!

Our Floating Bed and Floating Platform Bed are our two Floating Beds by Get Laid Beds both feature an inset bed frame to allow the mattress to effectively float above the bedroom floor. This stunning design is not only attractive … Continue reading

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The Kensington Bed – A Sophisticated & Stylish Design

Our Kensington Bed one of the newer beds frames that we have in the Get Laid Beds range and can prove to be the perfect option for anyone looking a stylish handmade wooden bed frame that’s simplistic yet sleek and … Continue reading

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Our Guest Bed – A Perfect Solution For Those Last Minute Guests

A guest bed is a welcome addition to any home whether you are restricted for space and don’t have a dedicated guest room for your over night guests or if you would like to feature this in a small attic … Continue reading

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Long Lasting Bed Frames

At Get Laid Beds we take pride in manufacturing and selling high quality wooden bed frames which are made of a simple and traditional design but are robust and fit for any purpose. Right from choosing the best materials, the … Continue reading

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Kids Mattresses – What Is Best?

With the wide variety of mattresses available on the market these days, each boasting many possible health benefits, how do you know which mattress is the most suitable for your child? It is quite common that most parents concentrate more … Continue reading

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Hardwood Beds VIII: Mahogany/Sapele

Mahogany hardwood is now one of the more valuable wood species in the world and is known for its unique colouring which develops in to a deep red/brown as the wood ages. Unlike oak or pine, mahogany naturally features very … Continue reading

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