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Space Saver Underbed Storage For Your Bedroom

As a quality bedmaker, we like to provide practical solutions to go along with our handmade bed frames. These come in the form of our underbed storage boxes. These are a stylish and clever addition which adds an extra space for … Continue reading

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5 Of The Funniest Scares On Halloween

Playing pranks on friends is always fun, we often enjoy playing pranks on each other in the office when the 31st of October strikes. We at Get Laid Beds have collated our 5 favourite pranks to pull this Halloween, that … Continue reading

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Why Choose Stylish Oak Bed Frames?

Oak is an ever growing popular wood used in the bed making industry, known for its durability and solid features. If you’re looking for a long lasting, solid wooden bed frame then you would be foolish not to choose oak. … Continue reading

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Dreams And Their Meaning

Dreams. They’re something we all have. Sometimes they can be unusual, and sometimes even memorable.  But did you know, that some of the most common dreams, also have meanings behind them?

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Sleeping In Cycles: Feeling Refreshed

When we sleep, we do so in several different stages. First, we enter a light sleep. Then a deep sleep, and finally a dream-state. These stages often happen several times in a night, and run in cycles of roughly 90 … Continue reading

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One Happy Dog and Her New Bed

Post by Get Laid Beds.    

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How To Deal With Jet Lag This Summer

The term jet lag commonly refers to the feeling you get after you travel abroad on holiday but is much more common with long distance flights or if you fly in the early hours of the morning. When you visit … Continue reading

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World Environment Day 2014: Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level

World Environment Day (WED) is observed every year on June 5th to raise global awareness environmental concerns. Activities like street rallies, parades, concerts, tree planting, clean up campaigns etc are organised to highlight a particular theme each year which is … Continue reading

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Hardwood Bed Frames – The Choices

At Get Laid Beds we specialise in the manufacture of handmade wooden bed frames. As a standard option, all of our bed frames are made from 100% solid Scandinavian pine. However, we do also have upgraded luxury hardwood options available … Continue reading

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Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress – Body Contouring Support And Comfort

Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress is the epitome in mattress design and as the increase of latex foam mattress awareness has risen within the industry so has the interest in purchasing a latex foam mattress. Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress … Continue reading

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