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Consider Your Bedroom Decor When Buying A New Bed

When buying a new bed for your room, considering your current bedroom decor is a must. Everyone wants their new bed to fit perfectly with their room, however too often this is made difficult as there isn’t the correct colour … Continue reading

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Buying a Solid Wood Four Poster Bed From Get Laid Beds

Buying a solid wood four poster bed from Get Laid Beds couldn’t be easier. We currently have 3 different styles available all of which are handmade to order. They’re all stunning designs sure to look beautiful in any bedroom they … Continue reading

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Duvet Choices For The Warmer Months

It finally seems that it’s beginning to warm up again. For many, this will bring relief and fun summer holidays. However, warmer nights can, for some, result in sleep difficulties. A common mistake people make is using the wrong tog … Continue reading

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How Valuable Are Underbed Storage Boxes?

Bedrooms are a living space that can quite easily get cluttered and fast, all the miscellaneous items you have been collecting and building up over the years begin to take their toll and start to over power your bedroom. You’ve … Continue reading

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Myths About Common Pre-Sleep Habits

There are many do’s and many don’ts of what you should do before you hit the sack and bed down for the night. But are they really just common pre-sleep myths that we over think which is actually what affects … Continue reading

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Ideal Mattresses To Ease Back Pain

You may find yourself thinking all mattresses are the same, however, this simply isn’t the case. Around 160,000 people in England have been diagnosed with back disorders, one of the most painful things to suffer from. It is important that … Continue reading

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Traditional Pine Beds

We have many different styles of wooden bed frames to choose from here at Get Laid Beds, each of which is crafted by hand. We offer a choice of wood materials including popular pine finishes as well as luxury solid … Continue reading

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Famous Beds In Books

There are countless amounts of books in the world, and not surprisingly, most of them mention beds at some point. However, there are considerably less books that actually feature a bed as the centre of the story. However, there are … Continue reading

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Quality UK Produced Beds

We take care in the whole manufacturing process of our UK produced beds. Each frame is made to order by our experienced carpenters who will ensure you receive the highest quality product. As well as there being plenty of options … Continue reading

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How Can Caffeine Affect Sleep?

Dubbed the most popular drug in the world, caffeine is found naturally in over 60 plants including the coffee bean, tea leaf, kola nut, cacao pod.  All over the world on a daily basis caffeine is consumed, in coffee, tea, … Continue reading

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