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How Many Pillows Should I Use?

This is an interesting question, in fact it’s a rhetorical question. It’s exactly the same as saying “how long is a piece of string?”. It depends. What it depends on though, can be easily identified and an answer retrieved from … Continue reading

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Monthly Photo Competition Winner – October 2015

Here at Get Laid Beds, we run a photo competition once a month on our Facebook page where our past customers can send us a photo of their Get Laid Beds bed to be in with a chance of winning … Continue reading

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How to Maximise Space in a Small Bedroom

We offer a large variety of bed frames designed to suit many different scenarios. This includes a space saving range of bed frames which are a perfect way to maximise space in a small bedroom. We have a few different … Continue reading

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Bespoke Bed Size Options

Size isn’t a problem at Get Laid Beds! If you’re having a constant struggle to find a bed to fit your lack of space, or a specific size just doesn’t fit then luckily for you we are made to measure … Continue reading

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What Are The Origins Of Halloween?

Halloween is a famous yearly celebration that’s been rapidly growing more popular. Famous for the spooky scare experiences, trick or treating and creepy costumes, it’s a night of fun for those of all ages to enjoy. However, Halloween isn’t a … Continue reading

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Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

As the nights draw in, we can tell the colder months are approaching. Though, this isn’t all. It’s almost that time of year again where kids dress up in their scariest outfit and visits houses asking for a treat. But … Continue reading

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Using Luxury Pillows For A Great Night’s Sleep

At Get Laid Beds, it’s not just our wooden bed range which is extensive. We also offer a large bedding choice. Within our range of bedding we have our Pillow Range.  This is where we offer our luxury pillows. The … Continue reading

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Sleep And Mood

You are probably aware that sleep does affect your mood. After a tiresome sleepless night, you may be a lot more irritable, short-tempered and highly vulnerable to stress. Once you get that good night’s sleep, your mood should return back … Continue reading

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Ideas For A Bedroom With A Low Ceiling

It’s always a mammoth task to find the bed frame that’s going to fit when living in a small bedroom. Is it going to be too tight? How much space will be left? But in more modern times, it has … Continue reading

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A Bed Frame Without A Headboard

At Get Laid Beds we often get asked about buying a Wooden Bed Frame Without a Headboard. An example of this would be our stylish Platform Bed (Space Saver). This bed frame can be seen in the image above. The Platform … Continue reading

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