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Our Elegant Bed Leg Selection

At Get Laid Beds, we’re constantly striving to expand and improve our handmade bed collection. Our recent launch of new bed leg options does just this and provides more flexibility than ever to design your own stunning and unique bed … Continue reading

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Why Is Cleaning Your Pillow Case Important?

Pillowcases are a part of everyday life. Not only do we take pride in almost all of our other possessions, but we also take good care of them. So why not give your pillowcase the same treatment? This may sound … Continue reading

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Why Kids Love Our Glow In The Dark Bed

We have an exciting new bed frame we know your kids will love. This is of course our Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Bed. This is a world first bed frame which is guaranteed to make an impression in … Continue reading

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Maximise Space in Your Room With Underbed Storage

We’re always looking for way in which we can provide practical solutions to common problems. One of the most common issues that our customers experience is a lack of storage space within their bedroom. To solve this, we created our … Continue reading

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What Makes Us The Bedding Experts?

Not only do we just have years of experience in the wooden bed manufacturing industry. We also know a lot about bedding too. As bedding experts, we offer a wide range of luxurious bedding which can be found within the bedding … Continue reading

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Wooden Bed Designs For All Tastes

At Get Laid Beds, our bed frame range is constantly expanding. This is to ensure we always have  wooden bed designs which suit any taste. Whether you want a bed frame without a headboard, or a frame lower than your … Continue reading

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Bonfire Night

Next week is Bonfire Night, an evening of fun, frivolity and fireworks!  An enjoyable festivity enjoyed by the many staff here at Get Laid Beds, with some trying to get their hands on a spare piece of wood or two … Continue reading

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Did you know that Human Beings are getting taller?

Did you know that Human Beings as a species are actually getting taller? There is evidence to suggest that in just 200 years on average people have grown by around 4cm taller than our relatives were back in the 1800’s. … Continue reading

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Our Modern Day Bed – Practical & Stylish – The Best Of Both!

Our Modern Day Bed is a bed frame that offers a dual purpose. It has the option to be used as a sofa during the day with armrests and a backrest, whilst in the evening or when hosting guests, the … Continue reading

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Duvets: Tog Densities Explained

Most of us will have bought duvets (and matching pillows) in our lifetimes. Yes, we do take care looking at the fibre content, quality and ‘washability’ of the duvets and pillows. But how many of us have seen the tog … Continue reading

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