Beautifully Handcrafted Modern Platform Beds

Within our wooden bed range there are many different styles of frame suitable for any type of bedroom. From modern Platform Beds to classic four posters, we have a style you’re bound to love.

The beautifully crafted bed we’re going to take a look at is our Platform Bed. This  is a classic from our Platform Beds range. It’s a simple yet incredibly stylish design which looks great. Thanks to this bed frame having no headboard, it’s incredibly accessible. It’s an everyday sleeping solution, which has design so it isn’t over complicated.

Another of our Platform Beds which we love is the Floating Platform Bed. This is part of our incredibly popular floating bed range. The main feature is its inset frame, which helps to give the appearance of the mattress floating above the bedroom floor. It’s an excellent balance between owning a stunning and unique style, while providing a clever space saving solution. This frame also features no headboard, which further enhances its space saving capabilities.

If you are a fan of our classic Platform Bed, but have space saving in mind, then we have the perfect solution. Our Platform Bed (Space Saver) is an elegant design and just like all our other beds, is carefully handcrafted right here in the UK. It’s space saving feature comes in the form of the mattress sitting on top of the frame rather than within which helps to reduce the overall footprint, saving vital space when it matters. It makes for a truly stunning style, even in places where space is limited.

All the Platform Beds mentioned here are designed  and handcrafted here in the UK. Each one is made from high quality resources to ensure it’s longevity. We’re so sure of these high standards, that we offer an 11 year guarantee with each of our frames. Each is available in a variety of stains finishes, as well as hardwoods so you can easily create something you love

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