Become The Ultimate Host With A Handmade Wooden Guest Bed

Image of a Guest Bed from Get Laid Beds

We have a vast selection of wooden bed frames here at Get Laid Beds. With our bespoke wooden Guest Bed you can become the ultimate host. This bed frame is designed as a secondary wooden frame and mattress that can be utilised at times in which extra sleeping space is required.

The wooden Guest Bed is a great choice for adding an additional bed in a bedroom where you don’t want to compromise space when it’s not needed. It is especially useful in guest bedrooms. The high quality of this bed frame also makes it incredibly durable and offers the same level of comfort as our Standard Height Beds. Not only is the Guest Bed frame extremely stylish and elegant in appearance. It conveniently slides underneath most of our range, it can be hidden from view when not in use, so the room doesn’t look cluttered. It’s very space efficient and can be a more conventional method than having a bunk bed.

The Guest Bed keeps to the stylish, modern appearance of our other wooden bed frames, and while it’s packed away or pulled out, the Guest Bed complements your bedroom perfectly. Our Guest Bed is pictured underneath our London Bed frame in it’s product image. This makes it an ideal choice for your spare room and a tidy, convenient option for when you have guests staying over. We would definitely recommend this wooden bed frame for those that are looking to maximise space in their bedroom as they may not have the room for two standard height beds. Luckily this wooden bed frame can easily slide under most of our handmade beds, making it a fantastic space-saving solution.

So we believe that with our handmade wooden guest bed you can become the ultimate host. Whether this bed is going in a guest bedroom or a children’s bedroom, the Guest Bed is definitely a brilliant addition to practically any bedroom. Alternatively, you can see our range of wooden Space-Saver Beds to see our range of beds designed with space-saving in mind.

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