Best Finishes For Your Wooden Four Poster Bed

Image of summer four poster bed

Wooden Four Poster Bed frames bring a touch of class that is rarely matched by other types of bed frames. Our four poster beds can be customised to your requirements for a more personal touch.

Four poster beds are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including coloured pine stains and several hardwoods. A choice of colour and size will help to make the bed unique to you. Popular pine finishes that we provide include Sandy; White; Chocolate and Black. Sandy tends to be a popular choice as it resembles the appearance of Oak. Oak and Walnut are popular hardwood choices as they are renowned for their regal appearance.

We currently offer 3 designs of four poster beds, although more designs are likely to be added in the future. Our designs are the Four Poster Bed – ClassicFour Poster Bed – Summer, and the multi-faceted Low Four Poster Bed frame, for those who like the appeal of both a low bed and a four poster.

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