Buy a Reinforced Bed

Buy a Reinforced Bed

We’re all about a quality finish and our family heritage in carpentry has led us to become one of the leading handmade bed makers. Our collection of wooden frames are expertly made to ensure a high quality, reinforced  bed which is built to last. To achieve this, we use 2x thicker than industry standard slats which can support an exceptional weight of 474kg and use traditional carpentry methods handed down through the generations.

Low Reinforced Bed

As part of our reinforced bed collection, we have a range of low beds. These stunning bed frames sit close to the floor making them the ideal choice for loft and attic conversions where roof space is often limited. Each individual frame is reinforced using strong mortise and tenon joints. Larger beds include a central rail for further strength and stability.

Standard Height Reinforced Bed

Our extensive reinforced bed collection also extends to a large number of bed frames which are standard height. These are perfect for the master bedroom, these handmade bed frames have plenty of space underneath for storage. Our beautiful under bed storage boxes work perfectly together to form a storage bed. All storage boxes are made by hand in our Leicester based workshop. A large selection includes headboards, adding further support and a focal point for any bedroom style.

Why Buy Reinforced Bed from Get Laid Beds?

Having a reinforced bed frame, which is built to last, is absolutely essential. A supportive bed is a contributing factor to a comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep. All our wooden bed frames come with an 11-year guarantee. Made from 100% solid wood, it is quality you can trust. We also have a great range of different finish options, including stunning solid hardwood such as Oak. This provides stunning aesthetics for your bedroom and is perfect for matching existing furniture.

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