Curved Corner Legs – For Perfectly Contoured Bed Frames

Oxford Bed Frame - With Curved Corner Legs - Handmade by Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds, we specialise in the manufacturing of handmade solid wooden bed frames that are built to stand the test of time and with this, we love to further develop our products and add new and exciting things for our customers to enjoy. This is why we have the addition of our ‘curved corner leg’ option on almost all of our bed frames!

The curved corner leg option was designed with our customers in mind and has proven to be a very popular addition to our bed frames. The leg posts instead of having a ninety degree angle are rounded off and offers the well named ‘curved corner’. Customers have chosen this option for many different reasons whether this be for the aesthetic value or for added practicality within the chosen bed room. Many parents have chosen the curved corner leg option for use within their child’s room to ensure less danger of injury whilst they are playing. Others have chosen this with our Space Saver Bed Frames as due to the construction of these bed frames, the mattress sits flush on top of the frame and therefore the curved corner leg option follows the contour of the mattress giving an overall more rounded finish to the bed frame and adding a softer feel to the room, especially if you are looking to save space. We find that our Low Oriental (Space Saver) is the most popular choice with our curved corner leg option in the Space Saver range.

Our curved corner leg option has also been a hit with our Four Poster Beds too with the rounded posts not deterring from the grandeur that the four poster bed has to offer but helps to soften the edges slightly making an understated majestic statement within your bedroom. Our Four Poster Bed Summer (which is also currently on sale at a highly reduced price) makes a fantastic frame to truly showcase these corners with a pure, simplistic and elegant design.

Our spectacular and traditional Oxford Bed also showcases the curved corner leg option perfectly and it combines a good clearance underneath the frame too for additional storage making it an excellent choice of bed frame. However, even with our standard leg option, the very tops of the leg posts are bevelled off to ensure there are no nasty sharp edges to catch yourself on.

Low Oriental Bed - Standard Legs - Handmade Wooden Bed Frames by Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds we make it as easy as possible for you to buy your perfect bed frame. We even offer an eleven year guarantee on every single one of our handmade wooden bed frames and we also offer a bespoke and custom sizing option without a high price tag to ensure no matter your requirements, we can make a bed frame tailor made for you. We also offer ‘non-standard’ sizes including our Small Super King, Emperor and even our magnificent Super Caesar.

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