Curved Corner Options For Wooden Bed Frames

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Wooden bed frames are sturdy and reliable, and are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality product that you know is going to last. We take great pride in every single one of our beds, and construct each one by hand with care. Each bed is subject to rigorous quality checks, and we offer a whole host of advice designed to help you in getting the best experience possible out of your bed from us.

We can offer curved corner options on all standard and bespoke altered beds. We’ve all felt the pain of stubbing a toe or knocking a leg on a sharp corner before. With a wonderful feature such as curved corners, you’ll reduce the risk of such incidents occurring.

The primary advantage of curved corners is the reduced risk of injuries. Rounded corners help to reduce the likelihood of hurting yourself on the sharp angled edges that a standard bed frame offers. Secondly, rounded corners off a more aesthetically pleasing look to the bed frame, and offer a different style of finish. The corners are smooth, sleek and modern .

Finally, if you have a wooden or tiled floor, curved corners are a blessing. Square corners on a bed are more likely to leave scratches and marks on floors than rounded ones. Although we can offer felt floor protectors to help prevent this.

Overall, choosing curved or rounded corners for your bed frame has many benefits both for you and for the space you live in. When buying a bed, it’s important to consider your surroundings, and choose appropriately whether curved corners would provide a more fully furnished look in your bedroom.

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