Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Loft Bed

Purchasing a bed for a loft isn’t always as simple as buying a standard bed frame. There are a number of factors that need important consideration before you make the final decision some of which include:

Rooms With Lower Ceilings

Your ceiling height is certainly a factor that needs to be considered when buying a bed for a loft. If you have a low sloping ceiling that has high restrictions of height, then a low style bed is the perfect solution where a standard height bed would simply not be feasible. The low frame height makes bumping your head a distant memory, as they provide a lot more overhead space.

Spacing Issues

Floor space is also a factor when buying a bed for a loft, if there isn’t much space around as it is, buying a big bed may seem out of the equation. You would be more suited to a space saver style bed frame. Space saver beds are designed to maximise the available space you have, whilst also maintaining a very sophisticated design that will suit your loft perfectly.

Other Issues With Sizing

Where are you going to place your bed frame? If you are just looking to place it in the room then the overall design of the bed will make it the perfect fit. However, if your looking to squeeze it into a tight space then you may require a custom alteration service to make your bed to a bespoke size to fit in the space offered.

Current Decor

If you have already decorated your loft the way you like it, and are just looking for a bed to give it the perfect finish, then matching your decor is crucial. If you have a theme to your room, then maybe one of our array of scandinavian pine finishes would be the perfect solution, or perhaps you would prefer solid hardwood furniture made with hardwood materials such as traditional Oak or Ash. Whatever the decor, you will be certain to find a finish to match your exact taste.

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