Four Poster Bed Frames – The Iconic Bed That Exudes Sophistication

Four Poster Bed Summer - Handmade Wooden Beds by Get Laid Beds

For centuries the Four Poster Bed has been the go-to design for those wanting the next level of bedroom comfort and luxury and even today, they still symbolise abundance and opulence.

The Four Poster Bed was first invented in Europe and was initially developed from simpler bed frames at the time due to wealthy noble-men and landowners wanting to exhibit their position in society. For this reason, they were constructed bigger more flamboyant than anything that had previously been seen. Robust and expensive hardwoods were used as the materials draped in luxurious fabrics such as velvets and fine wools. The four posts not only provided the bed with an extra level of privacy but also trapped heat inside – vital in the cold unheated homes at the time.

Stepping forward into the modern era, a lot of the same principles are still used and the Four Poster Bed is still as popular if not more and the good news is, you don’t have to be a royal to afford one. It has evolved into something which can be adapted in various different room settings and we are seeing more and more people choose to incorporate Four Poster Beds into modern, contemporary bedrooms.

At Get Laid Beds we are proud to be able to deliver three different choices of Handmade Four Poster Beds available in both Softwood (Pine – for that slightly more lighter, contemporary feel) or in Hardwood for that more luxurious elegance.

Firstly the classic Four Poster Bed, both our favourite and most abundant seller, it speaks for itself with more customers choosing to combine this great bed with one of our hardwood options.

The Low Four Poster Bed offers a more contemporary feel yet still has a mystical feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Finally, the Summer Four Poster Bed offers a touch of elegance to complement any room, having a minimalist feel whilst still maintaining the prestigious side with an extended footboard.

All our beds are handmade by skilled and experienced bedmakers and are available from a Small Single Bed right through to a Super Caesar – bespoke sizes are also available for those seeking something special to fill a specific space.

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