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Our White Knight Bed - Handmade Wooden Beds by Get Laid Beds

Get Laid Beds was established in the heart of the United Kingdom with a family heritage in carpentry and craftsmanship that has been passed through the generations and now features as one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of high quality, handmade, wooden, British beds. The Wooden Bed has been making a comeback into the modern bed market as more and more people are opting for them over divan bases, especially with the larger King Size/Super King Sizes.

We feature a wide variety of handmade wooden bed frames to suit your needs. These can include the super stylish low bed, the Low Oriental which offers a sleek solution for those with limited space. We also showcase our magnificent Four Poster Bed for those who don’t want to compromise on style, impact and sophisticated design. And if you were looking for something more traditional, take a look at our London Bed or Oxford Bed. All of the beds within our range are available in all the various stains and we are also proud to announce that they are also available in our hardwood options for those who want the best of the best. As all our beds are handmade to order, for a small additional fee we offer a full customisation and bespoke service to tailor make your bed for your own individual needs. Even with this service, we can still offer the same delivery service as with our other products, arriving with you as quickly as four days from order.

As standard our solid bed frames feature Mortise and Tenon Joints. This type of joint has been used for thousands of years by woodworkers and is proven to be one of your strongest woodworking joints. In its basic form it is robust, sturdy and easy for you to assemble at home – these joints are then held in place using screws which we provide to ensure that your bed frame lasts beyond our outstanding 11 year guarantee.

We believe that our handmade wooden beds are the perfect blend between aesthetics, practicality and affordability and as a result, we are confident that our handmade beds and mattresses will provide you with the perfect night’s sleep.

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