Get Laid Beds – Platform Beds With Storage

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Platform beds are designed to offer a level of multi-functionality not often found in other types of bed. They have an element of simplicity about them which is both charming and practical, the lack of headboard is not a hindrance in any way but instead an advantage. It means you’re able to fit a platform bed into a tighter space than expected, something you may have struggled to achieve with a bed that has a less contemporary design. They’re a convenient alternative to your average bed frame, perfect for those struggling with space. Their multi-functionality doesn’t end there.

Platform beds not only cater to people with limited room space,  but they also create space. They’re an excellent choice if you’re running out of room to put things on your floor. With the legs taking up minimal room, you can easily stack things underneath a platform bed, to help organise your living space and increase the amount of room you have on the floor. This is easily doable with beds of a normal height and although it may be a small struggle, with low platform beds it’s doable too. It’s important to remember that how low the side panels on a bed are is not how low the slats that run across the body of the bed are – you will have more room than you think when storing things under your bed.

If you’re looking to be extremely organised, we recommend getting some custom made under bed storage boxes, perfect for if you’re looking to make your life that little bit easier. If you’ve got a tendency for sorting things, then underbed storage boxes would suit you well – you could categorise and order the boxes respectively, creating easy to use places that are both convenient and out of the way.

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