How To Give Your Bedroom A Summer Refresh

By Jonny Haskins 22 July 2022


New seasons call for new needs and wants when it comes to our bedroom décor. We spend a lot of our lives in our bedrooms, so it’s important that they are aesthetically pleasing to us as well as being comfortable. Your bedroom can be completely transformed into your own summer paradise with a little decluttering and seasonal touches, instantly improving your mood every single day.

So, let’s take a look at how you can achieve this with some of our summer room ideas.

How to design a bedroom for summer

Swap out your duvet and bedding

The bed is often the focal point of a bedroom, so it’s important that they are decorated nicely as it typically dictates the vibe or style of the room.

It’s important to swap out your thick winter duvet for a low tog one in the summer months to ensure a cooler and more comfortable sleep on those hot and stuffy summer nights. Take a look at our 4.5 Tog Soft Hollowfibre Duvet (pictured above). It’s always a popular choice for the hotter months.

As for bedding, natural fibres like cotton allow your skin to breathe, assisting you in maintaining a consistent body temperature all night.

It may surprise you that bedding colour can play a part in how cool you feel. We recommend light and fresh colour bedsheets which will help reflect any sunlight, resulting in a cooler sleep. Classic crisp white bedsheets always look great, but if you’re wanting a splash of colour, go for some light pastel shades.

Add some plants

Every room could do with a touch of greenery. As well as looking pretty, having plants around the bedroom has many other benefits, such as raising your productivity, improving your mood, boosting your creativity, lowering your stress levels, as well as naturally filtering air contaminants.

However, we know that not everyone has green thumbs! Artificial plants are a great alternative. They don’t have all the benefits of authentic plants but are still a great way to decorate any bedroom without the responsibility of maintaining real plants.

Choose artificial plants, like cheese plants and birds of paradise, that are generally seen in tropical settings to provide added detail. To add a fun finishing touch, add colourful plant pots and planters.

Purchase some black out curtains

The summer months come with light mornings which can disturb our sleep. Black out curtains are a great solution if you want that extra hour or two in bed on a Sunday morning. Blackout curtains also help shield bedrooms from the brunt of the daily heat, making them a must have addition to any bedroom in the summer months.

Introduce some bright accessories

Some bright and bold accessories are a great way to breathe some new life into your bedroom. This can be done by purchasing some fun, colourful cushions or transform you plain walls with some colourful wall décor such as framed prints or brightening mirrors.

You can also invest in some pretty candles or diffusers. Not only will they add a splash of colour to your bedroom, they can also give off a wonderful summery scent. Place diffusers close to your bedroom entrance so you can smell the uplifting scent each time you enter.


Finally, de-clutter your space! Put aside your winter clothing, including your boots and thick coats. To keep your space cool, roll up any thick floor rugs.

Having a deep clean and de-clutter of your bedroom will also help with allergens. Over the past few months, your bedroom may have become dirty and dusty. To make your bedroom the most relaxing, sleep-inducing sanctuary possible, it's time to deep clean. Sweet dreams and a spotlessly clean sleeping environment are in store, so the effort is worthwhile.

Here at Get Laid Beds we provide a wide range of storage beds such as the Platform Bed (pictured above) that are perfect to help with neatly storing away those winter essentials in the summer months without taking up any extra space in your bedroom.

Get your bedroom summer ready with Get Laid Beds

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so you want it to make a good impression. Here at Get Laid Beds we have a wide range of quality wooden beds which all come in a range of finishes to level up your bedroom. The white Four Poster Summer bedframe is our favourite summer bed pick!

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