Ideas For A Bedroom With A Low Ceiling

image of a loft bedroom with a sloping ceiling

It’s always a mammoth task to find the bed frame that’s going to fit when living in a small bedroom. Is it going to be too tight? How much space will be left? But in more modern times, it has become a thing that bed frames are manufactured to suit these loft/attic type spaces that have low sloping ceilings and are an awkward bedroom headache. At Get Laid Beds we have a range of Wooden Low Beds that would be perfect in this scenario, so we have used our knowledge to collate our top 5 ideas for bedrooms with a low ceiling.

Low Loft Bed – The Low Loft Bed is a perfect option for a low ceiling room, maintaining a modern, sleek design this luxury handmade wooden bed is guaranteed to make the most of the space available in your low ceiling bedroom. Its small frame enables it to work excellently in space-restricted areas, bringing a touch of tradition and culture and brings out the spacious feeling within your bedroom.

Low Tokyo Bed –  The Low Tokyo Bed would be a more attractive addition to your low ceiling bedroom, offering a distinct uniqueness with the addition of a taller headboard for added support. The minimalist design of the Low Tokyo opens up any bedroom, and it’s stylish contemporary design has become very popular. It’s an excellent accompaniment to a low ceiling bedroom and is ideal for anyone wanting their bed to be the centerpiece of the room.

Low Platform Bed – The distinct minimalist feel to this bed frame, takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese sleeping style, near floor sleeping. If you are looking to bring a tad of culture to your bedroom and make your low ceiling bedroom appear all the more spacious, this bed frame is the ideal solution.

Space Saver Bed – Space – Saver beds are another excellent choice for a low ceiling bedroom. They differ from the usual standard height beds as they take up remarkably less floor space, which gives the mattress itself a unique floating effect. It saves vital room, as no legs sit at the foot of the bed, meaning they’re a lot less beneficial to your toes.

Low Oriental Bed – Known best for its contemporary distinctive style, the Low Oriental Bed is designed with clean lines and a very minimalistic feel making it ideal for any low ceiling bedrooms. Incorporating a small headboard, the Low Oriental bed still offer head support whilst maintaining it’s low appearance.

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