Long Lasting Bed Frames

The Kings Bed - Handmade in the UK - Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds we take pride in manufacturing and selling high quality wooden bed frames which are made of a simple and traditional design but are robust and fit for any purpose. Right from choosing the best materials, the manufacturing process to the choice of joints in our wooden beds we make sure every decision is made with the customer in mind – in this way we believe our beds are the perfect blend between durability, aesthetics and affordability.

We currently have a selection of softwoods and hardwoods we use for our wooden beds and low beds. The standard softwood we use is Scandinavian Pine. This comes with many advantages making it an ideal choice for bedmakers:

• It is easy to use, including conditioning and stain retention to match any bedroom or setting.
• Its strength to weight ratio is extremely high.
• It doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives that other heavily treated woods have.
• It is sustainably sourced from accredited schemes such as FSC and PEFC.

We also feature solid hardwoods for all of our bed frames which include deliciously deep walnut and mahogany to traditional oak and light beech. These are our premium choice of material because of their increased durability and quality which we get from an FSC accredited supplier.

Our team of experienced bedmakers expertly handcraft each individual bed specific to the individual requirements. Our made-to-order nature allows us make sure every individual order is handmade to the highest standards and this also allows us to accept bespoke orders from customers too for a small fee. This ensures that should you have a tight space or an awkward room we can make sure we have a bed frame that is suitable for you with everything from a Low Oriental Bed for those tricky attic rooms to the grandeur of a luxury Four Poster Bed or even a Modern Day Bed for those guest rooms you’ve been meaning to furnish.

Our solid wooden bed frames feature Mortise and Tenon joints which provide an extremely durable base but also make the bed frame incredibly easy to assemble, even for someone who doesn’t have any DIY skills. These joints install further durability and longevity into our bed frames – as only handmade bed companies tend to feature this type of joint – you won’t see these on other types of ‘factory’ furniture for example, the type that are in stock.

We are confident that our wooden bed frame will last you a lifetime if they are well looked after. However should anything go wrong, all of our wooden bed frames carry an 11 year warranty covering workmanship and materials, just ensuring you that valuable peace of mind.

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