Looking For A Better Bed Frame?

Image of the London Bed from Get Laid Beds

Are you plagued by a poor bed frame? Does your bed have bent or creaky slats that make it difficult for you to sleep at night? An unsatisfying or uncomfortable bed is a surprisingly common problem that many people experience, yet it remains largely unspoken about. With the progress of bed technology, it’s unnecessary for people to be sleeping on something that’s only going to cause them grief and discomfort. There are plenty of handy tips, tricks and alternatives that can help you get a better night of sleep without breaking the bank at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are some things that are harder to budget for, mattresses are just an example of this. There are many different types of mattress including memory foam, latex foam, classic spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. classic spring mattresses tend to be the cheapest, but often don’t provide an adequate level of support for those sleeping on it every night. Pocket spring and memory foam mattresses provide better/more support, but they are not the best option for everyone. Through some innovation with bed sheets and mattress toppers you can improve the comfort of your current mattress or even upgrade your new one.

The main instrument of any well composed bed is in the quality of bed frame you choose. Bed frames are typically made either from metal or wood. You will find that whilst metal beds are often cheaper, wooden beds on the whole are stronger and more durable solutions. To maximise the durability of your wooden beds, why not request a central support slat with your new bed frame. This small but effective alteration will support and improve the strength and stability of your bed, increasing durability for years to come. Our wooden bed frames are made from strong, durable Solid Scandinavian Pine, or a choice of hardwoods. We use mortise and tenon joints, one of the strongest joints in carpentry to help maximise the support provided by your bed frame.

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