Lovingly Handmade Wooden 4 Poster Beds

As you may have noticed, on our website we have a variety of different categories including wooden 4 poster beds and low beds. These are all handmade to order to the best quality standards and come complete with an 11 year guarantee.

Four Poster Bed – Classic

Our Four Poster Bed – Classic, is a simple handmade 4 poster bed with an elegant design which offers a stunning visual appearance. The bed as standard is expertly made from solid Scandinavian Pine which can be finished in a variety of different colours, or for a different aesthetic you can choose one of our Solid Hardwood finishes.

Low Four Poster Bed

Our Low Four Poster Bed is a more modern style of 4 poster bed with a unique design feature. With a base which sits much closer to the ground this is a bed which would make a great impact in any room. With a combination between the appeal of our low beds and our wooden 4 poster beds, there’s many reasons to love this bed frame.

Four Poster Bed – Summer

The final frame in our range, the Four Poster Bed – Summer. The design takes inspiration from the well loved classic style of wooden 4 poster beds. The main feature point of this bed is its large headboard which further adds to it’s beautiful design.

Lovingly Handmade

All our beds are handmade to order. This allows us to have full control over the quality, ensuring every single one is produced to the best possible standards. You can choose from a number of coloured Solid Scandinavian pine finishes, or even enjoy the aesthetics of a natural hardwood. We’re also happy to make a bed frame to your exact requirements, so don’t hesitate to enquire if you’d like the bed frame adjusting in any way.

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