Messy Room? Store It Away!

Underbed Storage Box in a Sandy Finish

Having a messy bedroom really does have a negative effect on how you sleep. Not to mention the effect it has on the visual appearance of your bedroom. This is why we’ve come up with our own innovative underbed storage boxes, so take all your clutter and store it away. You can order yours from Get Laid Beds today.

Underbed storage boxes are very convenient, and can be used to store away items that you may have scattered around your room. They are available in a range of pine and hardwood finishes, designed to complement any bedroom décor.

We offer storage boxes in two main sizes. Choose from either a ½ length or a ¾ length depending on the size of your frame. By creating two sizes of draw box, this means that they don’t have to take up all the space underneath your bed frame. The amount of draw boxes you require, depends entirely on how much storage you need.

A clean bedroom is a spacious bedroom, it is important to avoid cluttering it up with unnecessary junk. Your bedroom should consist of a few vital items: Bed; wardrobes; desks; books; alarm clock and a bedside lamp. Other miscellaneous items can be easily stored in your cupboards and underbed storage boxes.

There are other ways in which you can increase the amount of space in your bedroom, without adding to your storage. An interesting fact is that on average in the UK, we only wear approximately 20% of the clothes that we own, so why not recycle or give those unwanted clothes to charity? Clearing out old clothes is a very effective way of making space in your bedroom, perhaps it may even be therapeutic.

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