Our Japanese Style Beds

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Discover our collection of minimalist, low Japanese style beds that make spacious and modern bedrooms

You’ll love the distinct appearance of the traditional Japanese style beds with their simple design, low profile and clean lines. Each one lovingly handcrafted in the United Kingdom and available in different sizes and colour finishes.

Low Japanese Beds


Japanese Fuji Attic Bed (No Headboard)


Simple, clean lines and the minimalist design defines the Japanese Fuji Attic Bed. With the exclusion of a headboard, this design is perfect for loft and attic rooms by taking up the least amount of space in your bedroom.


Japanese Fuji Attic Bed


The standard Fuji Attic Bed boasts a tall slanted headboard that provides extra support and comfort. Incredibly sturdy, the headboard is perfect for you to lean against for support in bed.


Standard-Height Japanese Beds


Japanese Fuji Platform Storage Bed (No Headboard)


Reduce your bedroom clutter with our most space-efficient Japanese platform bed. Free up even more space by discreetly storing your items beneath the bed with our compatible underbed storage boxes. It’s an ideal bed frame for a loft or attic bedrooms.


Japanese Fuji Platform Storage Bed


This all in one design offers a tall supportive headboard and a storage solution in one. A superb choice for master bedrooms that will enjoy the use of our under storage boxes. Enabling you to store and tidy away loose items in the bedroom.


Compare Our Fuji Bed Designs


Our Fuji Japanese Style Beds Comparison Table

Bed Name Starting Price Bed Height Underbed Storage Compatible
Japanese Fuji Attic Bed (No Headboard) £309 Low Bed No
Japanese Fuji Attic Bed £309 Low Bed No
Japanese Fuji Platform Storage Bed (No Headboard) £359 Standard-Height Bed Yes – Three-Quarter Boxes Only (Full Width)
Japanese Fuji Platform Storage Bed £479 Standard-Height Bed Yes – Three-Quarter Boxes Only (Full Width)

For alternative low and space-saving bed designs, view the full bed collection by visiting our Space Saver Bed category page below.


What Makes A Japanese Bed Frame

Japanese style beds are more than a trend, it’s a unique composition in creating beds that are minimal with the use of simplicity and considerate design. The aim is to blend in with existing furniture, as opposed to standing out and creating a focal point. This is what defines Japanese style beds, and crucial in making a bedroom that provides harmony. A perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep.

Japanese style beds do this by using a composition that has a balance. Such as symmetrical designs, lower bed frames and only including components that are necessary.

At Get Laid Beds we carefully studied the composition and minimal approach of Japanese style beds. Ensuring every detail and component of our bed designs follow this approach. This has enabled us to create a collection of beds that are simple, minimal and beautifully designed. No bedroom is the same. So our four Japanese Fuji Beds provides you with a selection to choose from.

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