Our Wooden 4 Poster Bed Range

Our range of wooden four poster beds

Our 4 poster bed range is one which has been very popular. We have 3 different designs of four poster bed currently available, each varying in style, but all provide a stunning finish to your bedroom in their own unique way.

Four Poster Bed – Classic

Our first 4 poster bed is our Four Poster Bed – Classic. This handmade bed frame is an excellent choice for hotels and guesthouses due to its grand nature. This traditional looking wooden bed can be purchased in a vast array of different finishes, meaning you can get the stunning design you desire. This 4 poster bed looks especially stunning in our large sizes such as super king, being finished in our beautiful Oak hardwood option.

Low Four Poster Bed

The second 4 poster bed in the range is the Low Four Poster Bed. This frame features a simple and subtle style bound to be the centre point of any bedroom. It features a low base, which enhances the design of this sleek bed frame.

Four Poster Bed – Summer

Finally, we also offer our Four Poster Bed – Summer. This modern 4 poster bed design follows suit of other four poster beds which history dates back to times where your bed was a sign of your social status. The bed frame also features large headboard, ideal for those who like to sit up and read a book in bed.

Our 4 Poster Bed Range Handmade With Care

All of the wooden beds from our 4 poster bed range are handmade here in the UK. Great care is taken with each order, and our aim is to make your bed personal to you through our customisation service. Any requirements you may have, for example a smaller headboard, can be altered through this service. With a range of stunning finishes to choose from, it’s also our mission to ensure that there’s plenty of options so you can have something that perfectly compliments your bedroom decor.

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