Choosing The Right Mattress For You

Image of a mattress from Get Laid Beds

Choosing the right mattress can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not up to date on everything you need to know about mattresses. There are a surprising number of factors to take into consideration during the process of choosing a mattress. There’s thickness, size, type, firmness, how it feels amongst other considerations.

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5 Main Influences On Bed Choices

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When it comes to buying a bed, we understand that there are many different things that can influence your decision.

The first (and probably the biggest influence on bed choices) is the large number of different styles available on offer. Our aim is to provide a bed frame that meets your needs. Within our wooden bed range we have four poster beds, low beds as well as more traditional styles. There is a design for everyone.

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Give The Gift of A Handmade Wooden Bed This Christmas

Image of a santa hat and Christmas decoration

With Christmas fast approaching, the freezing weather conditions are starting to become more apparent. This is the time of year in which leaving your bed seems near enough impossible and the high tog winter duvets come out in full force. Why not show someone special that you care with the gift of a Get Laid Bed’s wooden bed frame this Christmas?

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Our New Showroom Is Now Open

Get Laid Beds New Show Room

Our new showroom is now open, featuring 10 of our most popular wooden bed frames. Come and see our new handmade beds that are on display, including: our Four Poster Beds, Low BedsSpace-Saver Beds and our Standard Height Beds. We also have a range of different mattresses for you to try out too, and our friendly customer service will be at hand to help you with any inquiries you may have.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday: 10am – 4pm. Unfortunately we are closed on Sundays. 

To Arrange A Viewing

To visit our showroom you only need to drop by when we are open and the Get Laid Beds team will happily greet you and take you on a tour of the showroom. However, if you need to let us know of any special arrangements before your visit, please get in touch by calling us on 0207 183 5464. Alternatively, please email us at

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Lovingly Handmade Pine Beds

Pine Bed FrameHandmade Pine Beds are one of our many specialties. All of our wooden bed frames are handmade in our workshop in Leicester, the rural heart of England. Each one is carefully handcrafted and thoroughly checked at each stage of production and then shipped in convenient, flat packed boxes ready for easy self assembly in your home. We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint and the effect we have on the environment by sourcing our timber sustainably at every opportunity. Continue reading

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Get Laid Beds – Platform Beds With Storage

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Platform beds are designed to offer a level of multi-functionality not often found in other types of bed. They have an element of simplicity about them which is both charming and practical, the lack of headboard is not a hindrance in any way but instead an advantage. It means you’re able to fit a platform bed into a tighter space than expected, something you may have struggled to achieve with a bed that has a less contemporary design. They’re a convenient alternative to your average bed frame, perfect for those struggling with space. Their multi-functionality doesn’t end there.

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Floating Effects On Our Bed Frames

Floating Effects On Our Bed Frames

Our Floating Bed range is just a small part of the wide selection of different handmade bed frames that we offer, showcasing multiple stylish design groups. One of the most breathtaking of those groups being our stunning range of floating beds, designed and appropriately named to create an effect that makes it look as though they’re floating above the floor with nothing underneath them. This range of beds is similar to our selection of Low Shoreditch beds, a selection of beds actually inspired by our Floating Bed range. The mattress sits on top of a platform, supported by an inset frame that doesn’t extend beyond the platform of the bed. The mattress stretches over the edges of the platform frame and hangs in midair, creating an incredible floating effect.

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Elegant Modern Bed Frames

Image of the Modern Day Bed from Get Laid Beds

Our bed frame designs are unique and stylish in their own way. The bespoke appearance of our wooden beds makes them perfect for a modern bedroom design.

One of our most elegant modern beds is the Modern Day Bed Frame. This multi-purpose bed can be used as a sofa/couch in the daytime, and  as a wooden bed frame during the nighttime. The main difference between our solid wooden Modern Day Bed and a typical sofa bed, is that the Modern Day Bed frame is an actual handmade wooden bed frame, and not a sofa that can be converted into a bed.

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Chicken Of The Month – November

Image of a chicken

Chicken of The Month has been a long standing tradition here at Get Laid Beds. This month, we’ve selected  an incredible breed of chicken called an “Easter Egger”. Easter Eggers got their strange name because they’re renowned for laying blue, pink (yes, blue and pink!) and normal coloured eggs. They’re very friendly, sociable and easily tameable birds, perfect for keeping as pets or in the back garden. The benefits of having one or more of these chickens is that they’re very playful and have no trouble being around children. This makes it an excellent choice for a first chicken, or one that will be family friendly. Most chickens are friendly and easily tamed, but if you have children who aren’t keen on the idea, they may warm quickly to an Easter Egger hen with their coloured eggs.

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Why Do We Use Solid Scandinavian Pine On Our Bed Frames?

Image of the Low Oriental Bed (Space Saver) from Get Laid Beds

Did you know? There are more than 100 species of pine tree growing worldwide. Pine is very strong and can resist shrinking and swelling, it is useful for making all varieties of furniture. We use solid Scandinavian pine as its highly durable. This greatly increases the longevity of the frames that we offer.

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