Using Luxury Pillows For A Great Night’s Sleep

A pair of Microfibre Silky Pillows from Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds, it’s not just our wooden bed range which is extensive. We also offer a large bedding choice. Within our range of bedding we have our Pillow Range.  This is where we offer our luxury pillows. The filing of a pillow and the materials used within the production can play a key role in the amount of comfort and support offered.

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Pumpkin Carving History

This is a pumpkin staring at it's evil reflection

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s nearly the time of year where we try to carve are most artistic face out of a pumpkin. We’ll then set them outside our door with their orange glow, welcoming trick or treaters to our doors. But why exactly do we do this and what is the history behind this tradition?

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Maximising Space With Underbed Storage Boxes

This is a Handmade Wooden Storage Box from Get Laid Beds

Here at Get Laid Beds, we supply more than just high quality wooden bed frames. We also have our wooden underbed storage boxes, which would make a great addition to any bed frame.

Just like our contemporary bed frames, these underbed storage boxes are handmade in the UK by our team of expert carpenters. They are made from Latvian Birch ply, which make them solid and have feature stunning edge detail.

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Is There Really Such A Thing As Beauty Sleep?

A woman laying on a bed in a rather deep sleep

What is Beauty Sleep, and is there really such a thing? Well Beauty Sleep is the amount of sleep needed for a person to look good when they wake up in the morning. It is also seen as sleep necessary for good health and concentration. If you haven’t already noticed, when you skrimp on sleep it really does show on your face, tired skin begins to sag and bags appear under your eyes. Not getting enough sleep can begin to make you more stressed, and everyone can see the tension coming from you which isn’t really a good look.

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Setting A Good Sleeping Routine

A young boy sleeping looking very comfortable wrapped up in a blanket.

Some say that the secret that the to success is to maintain a healthy sleeping routine. Sleeping routines are essential to your everyday life, it’s what allows you to function properly and keeps you going throughout the day. Those that have a bad sleeping routine tend to be much less motivated and tend to be much more tired and less focused.

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What Makes Us The Bedding Experts?

Image of pillow cases from Get Laid Beds

Not only do we just have years of experience in the wooden bed manufacturing industry. We also know a lot about bedding too. As bedding experts, we offer a wide range of luxurious bedding which can be found within the bedding category page on our website.

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What Is A Floating Bed?

A Floating Bed from Get Laid Beds, making the mattress appear as if it is floating above the bedroom floor.

At Get Laid Beds, we often get asked about our floating bed range. People ask us how do they differ from a standard bed frame and are there any advantages of choosing them.

One of these is the Floating Platform Bed. All of these floating beds feature an inset frame. This allows the mattress to give the appearance of floating above the floor. This design is not only unique and attractive, but it also saves vital space within your bedroom. The legs are also set within the frame, which eliminates the risk of a tripping hazard within your room.

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Win A Glow In The Dark Bed – Signed by the X Factor Finalists


Be In With A Chance To Win!

The Glow In The Dark Bed is being featured on the X Factor! Get Laid Beds has teamed up with the X Factor to have our Halloween Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Bed featured on the show. Not only that, but all of the X Factor live finalists are going to sign the bed and we are giving you the chance to win in our new competition on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

We are holding a competition across our social media platforms, in which this signed Glow In The Dark Bed is up for grabs. In order to enter via Twitter, Follow us and Retweet the competition tweet. Or to enter the competition via Facebook, Like and Share our competition post. Or to be in with the chance of winning via Google+, +1 and Reshare our competition post. The competition closes on Monday 2nd November 2015.

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Ways To Keep Warm This Autumn

This is a forest in Autumn with fallen leaves covering the ground.

On a chilly Autumn night, there is no worse feeling than being freezing cold. Keeping warm is a priority that most people neglect, however in doing so find themselves shivering underneath the duvet cover. At Get Laid Beds we know the importance of keeping warm and cosy this autumn, so here are some ways you can do so.

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How A Mattress Protector Can Keep Your Mattress Clean

A Get Laid Beds Mattress Protector to protect your mattress

Finding the right mattress can often take a long time. So once you have finally found the ideal mattress for you, it’s important to get the longest life out of it as possible. While there are many different care tips you can take, one of the most simple solutions is to use a mattress protector.

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