Accessories For Your Wooden Bed Frame

wooden bed frame accessories

When it comes to ordering your wooden bed frame, you can also choose from some bespoke accessories to accompany the style of your bed. All of these accessories can add to the elegance of your wooden bed, giving your bed a unique element as well as adding to the uses of your handmade bed.

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Our Top 5 Mattresses For Guest Bedrooms

mattresses for guest bedrooms

With such a wide range of mattresses available, it can be tough to know which mattress is going to be perfect for you. Sometimes it can be even tougher to know which mattress is going to be ideal for your guest bedroom. Do you go for a cheaper option in order to keep costs down, but risk your guests being uncomfortable? Alternatively, if you have guests visiting on a regular basis, you may decide to purchase more of a renowned mattress.

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Handmade Beds For You

beds made by hand

All our wooden bed frames are handmade to order. These high quality beds use traditional manufacturing techniques which helps ensure their quality. We have various wooden bed designs available including our popular low bedsThese are the perfect idea for those looking for an attic conversion solution. So, why should you choose one of our handmade beds?

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Add a Floating Shelf To Your Wooden Bed Frame

floating shelves on wooden beds

Our range of handmade products is constantly growing. We have recently added some brand new bedside accessories. These are all handmade and are the perfect addition to any of our bed frames.  

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Bedding Suitable For All Seasons

We don’t just specialise in hand making wooden bed frames, but we also supply the perfect bedding for a variety of different seasons around the year. While some of this is the ideal choice for either the colder months or warmer summer, a large amount of the bedding in our range is suitable for use all year round. All of our bedding is made to a high quality and handmade in the UK. Continue reading

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Key Detail Of Our Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Our range of pocket sprung mattresses are handmade, with key details in every inch of their design. They are very high quality and will all offer a comfortable night’s sleep. Our Pocket Sprung mattresses come in a variety of different springs counts, each having their own benefits and guarantee high comfort levels.   Continue reading

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Consider Your Bedroom Decor When Buying A New Bed

When buying a new bed for your room, considering your current bedroom decor is a must. Everyone wants their new bed to fit perfectly with their room, however too often this is made difficult as there isn’t the correct colour or style available. We aim to change this and with such a vast range of designs available, there’s the ideal bed for all those who are considering their bedroom decor in the bed buying decision. Continue reading

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Using Our Handmade Boxes As Storage

Many of us have unwanted clutter which we just don’t know what to do with. As you look at the pile, there seems so much with no place to neatly store it away. It can cause many headaches. We aim to change this and help provide practical solutions to this common problem. We have a solution available to help you clear away any unwanted clutter you may have. Our wooden under bed storage boxes. Underbed storage boxes have been designed to cleverly use the space under your existing wooden bed frame so no extra space is required.

1/2 Underbed Storage Box

Our ½ Underbed Storage Box is our first answer those with storage needs. Each storage box is completely handmade and can be stained in any colour you wish. If you already own a Get Laid Beds Bed then this can be made to match your existing bed frame. This storage box is carefully made from Latvian Pine helps to ensure high stability and stunning edge details. Our single beds allow up to two of these while our double and large can take up to 4.

3/4 Underbed Storage Box

Our ¾ Underbed Storage Box is the large version of our wooden storage options. These are handmade just like our ½ Storage Boxes and are built to last. The ¾ Storage Box is the ideal option for those who want to utilise the a large amount of the space under their bed, while still allowing enough space to have another piece of furniture at the head of the bed such as a bed side table. Our smaller beds allow for one of these boxes, while our bigger, wider ones will allow for two. Like our other storage option, this will have the front stained to match your bed frame.

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A Personal Touch To Your Bed Frame

We strongly believe beds should be made personal to those who are buying them. This is why we expertly hand make each and everyone of ours to order. If you have any bespoke requirements this isn’t a problem, we’re happy to help. Each of these is made to our high quality standards, using traditional techniques such as Mortise and Tenon joints, which helps the bed remain solid. Here’s just a few of the personalisation options you can choose from for your bed. Continue reading

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Choosing A More Traditional Way To Wake Up

For many of us, waking up is a slow and painful process, both physically and emotionally. You lift your head at the sound of your alarm, feeling groggy, and think to yourself “just five more minutes”. This happens again and again, until you’ve had twenty minutes worth of “just five more minutes” and you know that if you don’t get up now then you’ll be horrifically late. Getting up has become a chore, and the sound of your alarm has been ingrained into your subconscious, triggering an automatic hate response whenever you hear it, regardless of whether or not it means you’ve got to get up. Surely, there’s an easier way to handle the morning routine? Fortunately, there is. Continue reading

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