Bed Frames Built To Last

Every single bed frame in our vast range of beds in handmade to order. These are made to the highest quality standards every time and with a range of personalisation options available, you can get your bed just the way you want it. Continue reading

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Lovingly Handmade Wooden 4 Poster Beds

As you may have noticed, on our website we have a variety of different categories including wooden 4 poster beds and low beds. These are all handmade to order to the best quality standards and come complete with an 11 year guarantee. Continue reading

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Our Handmade Platform Beds

Amongst our vast collection of wooden bed frames is our array of handmade platform beds. These are simple yet incredibly stunning bed designs which would suit any bedroom. Platform beds are excellent for saving space, making them a brilliant choice for smaller rooms such as attic and loft bedrooms. Continue reading

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Our New Upholstered Beds Range

Soho Tufted Bed

Have you seen our upholstered beds range yet? These brand new additions to our range are available in a choice of 8 brilliant fabric colours and will bring excellent style to your bedroom. We have 6 designs to choose from which, as with all our other beds, are handmade right here in the UK. As they are made by us, we can ensure their quality and offer an 11 year structural guarantee. Continue reading

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Our Large Bedding Selection

Not only do we sell handmade beds, but we also offer a range of comfortable bedding items too. Whether you’re after a brand new pillow, a way to protect your mattress or a new duvet ready for the summer, we have it all. Each piece of this bedding has been individually selected to our high standards to ensure you are receiving a quality product which will last. Continue reading

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Buying a New Pillow From Get Laid Beds

If your pillow is no longer as comfortable as it used to be, it may be time to purchase a new one. There is often a great link between those with neck pain, having an uncomfortable night’s sleep and using the wrong pillow. We have a number of different types of pillow available, so you’re bound to find the right one to offer you countless nights of comfortable slumber. Continue reading

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Go For Style and Save Space With A Space Saver Bed

If you feel that your bedroom is beginning to look a little outdated and cluttered, there’s no better time to do something about it. It’s better to catch these things early so you’re not left with what seems like an insurmountable task when you finally bring yourself to do something about it. If you’re looking to spruce up your room and keep it current, but you don’t want to lose any of the space you originally had, we would recommend a space saver bed. Not only are they convenient, but also stylish and invigorating. They’ll bring a breath of fresh air to your bedroom, making it feel revitalised. Continue reading

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Duvet Choices For The Warmer Months

Cool Duvet Choices

It finally seems that it’s beginning to warm up again. For many, this will bring relief and fun summer holidays. However, warmer nights can, for some, result in sleep difficulties. A common mistake people make is using the wrong tog duvet for the current season. If you’re still using a duvet fit for winter than this may be the reason you are finding yourself overheating. A tog rating is a measure of a duvets ability to retain warmth, so can be used to help judge what duvet you should buy. We have a variety of tog levels in our range, including those perfect for the fast approaching summer months. Continue reading

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What Can Cause Loss Of Sleep?

You’re tossing and turning, unable to get to sleep. No matter what you seem to attempt, you cannot relax. It’s something at some point in our life we’ve all experienced. Sometimes it’s a just a one off, however there are some things which can affect this. What exactly can affect sleep? We investigate. Continue reading

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Declutter Your Bedroom With Our Handy Underbed Storage Boxes

Are you having a problem with hoarding unwanted clutter. Do you have no more space to store it? Is your bedroom being overpowered by miscellaneous items, and you are tired of tripping over everything that covers your floor? Well we here at Get Laid Beds have your perfect solution to de-clutter your bedroom and turn it back into that beautiful boudoir. Our expertly handcrafted wooden underbed storage boxes provide a practical solution to optimise the space underneath your bed frame and are ideal to help declutter your bedroom. Continue reading

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