Revolutionary Memory-Foam and Latex Foam Mattresses


Over recent years, we are seeing more and more people opting for memory-foam or latex-foam mattresses over the traditional open coil spring or pocket coil spring mattresses and the reasons are clear to see.

Although the majority of mattresses being used and being manufactured around the world still use the traditional springing mechanism, these innovative memory-foam and latex-foam mattresses are increasing in popularity. Below we have outlined the 5 main reasons why these mattresses are far more superior in comparison to their sprung counterparts.

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Flat-Pack Beds – Bespoke. Handmade. Easy To Assemble

flat pack beds

At Get Laid Beds, all of our low bed frames are designed and manufactured within our Leicestershire based workshop. They are all expertly handcrafted and built-to-order, ensuring each bed is made with the customer in mind. Our beds are then flat packed for self-assembly.

Manufacturing our wooden bed frames in this bespoke way enables us to customise each bed and tailor it the customer’s exact requirements. Whether you would like an extra or no headboard, a lower or higher bed frame, a longer bed frame or any combination of amendments – we can tailor it to suit your intended purpose. Continue reading

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Handmade and British Low Wooden Beds


Established in the United Kingdom, a family heritage in carpentry and craftsmanship has been passed through the generations and now sees Get Laid Beds Ltd – The Bedmakers of England establishing itself as the leading manufacturer and seller of high quality, handmade, British wooden beds.

We currently operate from 3 offices nationwide, with our workshop situated alongside our head office in the midlands, Leicestershire. Continue reading

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All New Online Delivery Tool – Calculates your Super-Fast & Available Any Day Delivery For You

Thanks to our new delivery calculator, it is now possible to select exactly which date you would like to have your wooden bed delivered to your front door, what time is most convenient for you and how much this will cost you. All with a few simple clicks.

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Top Tips On How To Look After Your Mattress


Research suggests that on average, adults in the UK spend approximately 7hrs out of a 24hr cycle in bed and during these 7hrs adults can lose up an average of 0.25L of water due to heat. Where does this water go? Yes, you guessed it, into the mattress, where all sorts of bugs and bacteria can thrive. There are a number of ways you can help preserve you mattress and increase it’s life span – below are some simple tips on how to clean and how to protect your mattress.

1) The best way to protect your mattress is to purchase a mattress protector, this prevents most things from seeping into the mattress and will ensure you do get any stains or build-ups.

2) Dust like beds, just like the rest of your home, therefore Continue reading

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Low Loft Beds – By Get Laid Beds

Low Platform Bed - Wooden Beds - Get Laid Beds.


Low Loft Bed (Space Saver) – Everyone would love to have an extra room in the house, whether it’s for an office for a new business, a guest room, a bedroom/playroom for a growing family or maybe just that extra bit of storage space to reduce clutter within the home sometimes it just isn’t possible. Time spent on planning applications and building costs to consider undergoing a loft conversion could be the ideal solution for you.

More and more people are choosing to go down this route these days and the possibilities are endless, not only creating a useful habitable room but also to add value to your home. For this reason here at Get Laid Beds we specialise in the manufacture of low wooden bed frames which are perfect for a loft or attic environment either for you or for a guest bedroom. They can maximise living space within the room and take account for any low or sloping ceilings. Continue reading

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Choosing Underbed Storage For Your Low Wooden Bed

underbed storage boxes

Making use of the space under your bed is a great storage solution and one that is often forgotten about. In this day and age, bedroom sizes are getting smaller and people are accumulating more items than ever. Utilising every bit of space available to us is priceless and here is where our Underbed Storage Boxes are the ideal solution. The space beneath your wooden bed is perfect to be used to store a variety of things from spare bedding and seasonal clothes to shoes and children’s books and toys. Continue reading

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Providing You With The Perfect Low Bed Frame


Low Bed Frame – At Get Laid Beds, we specialise in designing and manufacturing high quality handmade low wooden bed frames, perfect for any loft, attic or guest room setting. Our flat-pack nature of the beds mean that we can manufacture and deliver our wooden beds into the tightest spaces or rooms with limited access, all in an exceptionally quick time – as quick as 48 hours if required.

Our low bed frames are a great option for space-saving when there is little space for a traditional old Divan bed or the like. The sleek and modern designs mean that the bed will not only provide a practical solution to your home but also Continue reading

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Specialists In The Manufacture Of Wooden Bed Frames


Wooden Bed Frames – At Get Laid Beds we specialise in manufacturing wooden bed frames which are handmade in our factory in Leicestershire, UK. With a family heritage in carpentry, the craftsmanship has been passed through generations and today sees Get Laid Beds establishing itself as a leader in the manufacturing and selling of high quality handmade wooden beds.

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