Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Loft Bed

Purchasing a bed for a loft isn’t always as simple as buying a standard bed frame. There are a number of factors that need important consideration before you make the final decision some of which include: Continue reading

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Space Saving Bed Frames

We have a number of wooden beds to choose from. We have a popular range of space saver beds, which are small bed frames that are the ideal choice for smaller bedrooms where less floor space is available. These are all handmade here in the UK to the highest quality standards which ensures a long lasting bed frame. Continue reading

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The Regal Appearance Of Our Four Poster Beds

Four Poster Beds, the grandest of all bed frames and one of the most prestigious frames in our collection of handmade wooden bed frames. The regal appearance of our four poster beds gives your bedroom an element of grandeur about it’s decor. Our numerous designs allow you to have that touch of tradition in your room whilst also incorporating a modern twist to keep you up to date. You may think four poster beds are for the rich and famous, but ours appeal to everyone and look extremely easy on the eye in any bedroom scenario. Continue reading

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Lower Prices On Low Beds With Our Latest Sale Offers

Lower Prices On Low Beds With Our Latest Sale Offers

Our low wooden beds are the ideal choice for loft and attic conversions. Thanks to their low height they can fit into places with a low sloped ceiling, where other bed frame types wouldn’t be possible. We currently have lower prices on our select low beds in our latest sale offers. Hurry though, as these cut prices are for a limited time only. Continue reading

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Tips To Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring Tips

In the UK alone, approximately 15 million of us are snorers! This is quite alarming when you consider that snoring is one of the primary causes of sleep disruption. We’ve found that the main elements that result in snoring are: Alcohol consumption, smoking and eating before you go to bed. So here are our top tips to help you stop snoring. Continue reading

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Reasons To Buy A Four Poster Bed

Our Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds have a long, rich history not only within Britain but also around the world. They’re of impressive stature and bring an element of sophistication and class to any bedroom. There are many reasons you may want to buy a four poster bed and we’ve collated what we think are some of the best ones. Continue reading

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How Valuable Are Underbed Storage Boxes?

Image of underbed storage boxes from Get Laid Beds

cbegin to take their toll and start to over power your bedroom. You’ve ran out of wardrobe space, you’ve ran out of draw space, and now the floor is your only option.What’s the solution I hear you ask? Well handmade wooden Underbed Storage boxes from Get Laid Beds are the favourable choice of many looking to clear up some clutter in their bedroom.

Continue reading

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How To Find Out If Your Bed Is Right For You?

Is your bed right for you?

A common error that people make when buying their bed is that it’s not just all about the bed frame. It’s about a combination of factors that all contribute to the overall experience you will have with your bed. For example, if you buy a quality bed frame but own a poor quality mattress, it is more than likely you will end up with some form of ache each morning because it’s not providing the proper support you require. This theory also works vice-versa: having an excellent mattress but a very low-quality bed frame simply isn’t going to work out. You may be comfortable on the mattress, but you risk frame instability and possibly even collapse, or breakage of slats. Nobody likes sleeping on the floor if there’s a bed available.

Continue reading

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Join In Our All New Monthly Photo Competition

Are you proud of your brand new bed from Get Laid Beds? Do you think that yours is better than the rest? Then surely you must consider entering our Monthly Photo Competition. If you want to show off your bed to the world and be in with a chance of going to Sleep for Free, with up £1000* returned from the cost of your bed frame, then look no further. The competition is rife, and entries are coming in thick and fast, so enter as soon as possible and you could be in with a chance of winning next month’s photo competition. Here are three simple steps you should follow to enter our competition.

Continue reading

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Myths About Common Pre-Sleep Habits

There are many do’s and many don’ts of what you should do before you hit the sack and bed down for the night. But are they really just common pre-sleep myths that we over think which is actually what affects our sleep? You’ve heard all the common scenarios before, avoid caffeine before you go to sleep, don’t over expose yourself to light before you go to sleep, the list is endless, but are they all entirely true? Continue reading

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