Traditional Bed Designs

Traditional beds

With such a vast range of bed frames, Get Laid Beds offers plenty of choice for your next bed. Some of these are modern while others are more traditional bed designs. These are all handmade to order and take inspiration from classic designs which have proven very popular over the years. Continue reading

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Flat Packed Handmade Beds

Flat Packed Beds

We often get asked how are our handmade beds transported to you, our customers. The answer to this is that we flat pack all our beds for self-assembly. This helps for ease of delivery from our workshop, all the way to your door, including better protecting your carefully crafted bed.

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What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Using Solid Scandinavian Pine?

Solid Scandinavian Pine

As a standard, all of our handmade wooden beds are constructed from a choice of either Solid Scandinavian Pine or Solid Hardwood. We use Solid Scandinavian Pine for a variety of reasons, but mostly it can be attributed to our efforts to source our timber sustainably. As a company that uses a large amount of timber, it’s important to us that we reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment as much as possible. To minimalise the damage done is one of our highest priorities and we take it very seriously.

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What Makes Low Beds So Great?

Our customers have plenty of reasons to love our low beds. They provide many benefits that are excellent for various different situations. We have multiple different designs available, so there is something for everyone. Continue reading

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Benefits of Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed

The majority of us tend to either watch television when in bed, or use our mobile phones instead. Both of these activities actually make it harder for you to get to sleep, this is because blue light is a brain stimulant, making it harder for you to settle down when it comes to getting some shut-eye. Whereas reading a book before bed has several advantages that may make you consider grabbing a book rather than your mobile device. Continue reading

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Hypoallergenic Bedding For Allergy Sufferers

Allergy Sufferers BeddingAllergies affect a huge amount of people around the world. They can come in many different forms and severities. For example, some people sneeze a lot during the summer which is due to the pollen in the air. However, some allergies are considerably more serious. Life threatening food allergies are exactly what they’re described as: life threatening.

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Choose a Handmade Four Poster Bed

Four poster bed frames have been a symbol of class in bedrooms for centuries. These grand looking bed frames were originally created to protect a sleeper from drafts. Over the years various designs have been developed. We have 3 choices to choose from bound to create a regal appearance in your bedroom. Continue reading

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How Valuable Are Underbed Storage Boxes?

Underbed Storage Boxes?

Bedrooms are a living space that can quite easily get cluttered and fast, all the miscellaneous items you have been collecting and building up over the years begin to take their toll and start to over power your bedroom. You’ve ran out of wardrobe space, you’ve ran out of draw space, and now the floor is your only option.What’s the solution I hear you ask? Well handmade wooden Underbed Storage boxes from Get Laid Beds are the favourable choice of many looking to clear up some clutter in their bedroom. Continue reading

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The Easy Way To Order Beds Online – Get Laid Beds

Buying a Bed Online

We are steadily progressing into an era where we are becoming a lot more heavily dependent on online shopping and retail. It makes life all the more easier when you can get things delivered to your very door, especially when you’re in need of a new solid wooden bed frame. Gone is the hassle of traipsing around a bed store, being nagged to jump on every bed. We’re here to prove this isn’t the necessity and to show you why Get Laid Beds offer the simple way to buy beds online. Continue reading

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Ideal Beds For Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can make it difficult to find the perfect bed that fits in such a confined space. Fortunately, we have a vast array of wooden bed frames that are perfect for small bedrooms, take a look at our possible options below:

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