Solutions For Your Pillow Feather Allergy

solutions for pillow feather allergy

At least 20% of people will suffer from some sort of feather related allergy. Feather pillows are highly popular, due to their superior comfort as well as their ability to last longer than other types of pillows. But for those suffering from a pillow feather allergy, they don’t get to experience that luxury feather pillows can offer.

For those that are allergic to birds, it’s practically impossible for them to have feather pillows as they should avoid birds/pillows at all costs. For other types of allergies, reactions are not associated with the feathers themselves, but the allergens that can get trapped in the feathers. Dust mites are the most common type of allergen that can latch onto the feathers. As well as animal dander, pollen, and even mold spores can also be present. This is why the use of a pillow case can prove essential.

Pillow cases are a great solution for those suffering from allergies. No matter the pillow type, pillow cases are vital in order to maintain freshness, it’s important to ensure that your pillowcase has a zip, so that the feathers are enclosed. But if your feather allergy is extremely aggressive then it would be advised that you avoid using feather pillows entirely.

Here at Get Laid Beds, we have Pinsonic Pillow Protectors that use a zip in order to protect your pillow. This type of pillow protector is non allergenic and non toxic, making them suitable for allergy sufferers and children. ‘Pinsonic’ is the technical term for the way in which the layers of the protectors are bonded together using ultrasonic fibre bonds, this means that the protector is highly stable and works well to ensure that the feathers don’t escape, meaning that it shouldn’t affect your allergies. This is because the pillowcases themselves are quite thick, as well as being stitched really tightly to ensure that it keeps your allergies at bay.

Overall, the best way to ensure that your pillow feather allergy is limited is by investing into a reliable pillow case. Our Pinsonic Pillow Protector has proved highly effective for those that suffer from allergies so we would recommend that you go with that.

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