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The Science Behind Dreams

Dreams are something that we all experience, no matter if we remember them when we wake up or not. But the science behind dreams is much more complicated than first expected.

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Dreams And Their Meaning

Dreams. They’re something we all have. Sometimes they can be unusual, and sometimes even memorable.  But did you know, that some of the most common dreams, also have meanings behind them?

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Types Of Dreams

Dreams affect every person on the planet, we have over 100,000 dreams throughout our lifetime! Dreams are series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. Dreams give you more of an insight into your … Continue reading

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Dreams: What Do They Mean?

For many centuries, people have looked at dreams as omens and insights into their own lives and personalities. Many people believe that dreams are full of symbolic messages and detailed meanings that upon first appearances may not be entirely clear … Continue reading

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What do your dreams mean?

  Dreams are like personal encrypted messages from the subconscious mind.  Unfortunately, they are not always in the same language we use in reality, but through scientific advancements we now have the ability to study and interpret the most commonly … Continue reading

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Q: How Many Pillows Should I Sleep With?

  The real answer to this question lies will depend on you and your bedroom habits; the position you fall asleep in, whether enjoy reading in bed or if you suffer from any neck or back pain – plus range … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Sleeping At The Right Temperature

  Many couples are aware of the importance of achieving the right temperature for a good night’s sleep.  Typically, one partner throws the duvet off the bed leaving the other shivering…or, in a big to keep warm, ‘steals’ the covers … Continue reading

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Eat Well | Sleep Well …with Get Laid Beds

  It is not just a solid bed frame and a luxurious mattress which factor in to determine your quality of sleep. Many food critics, dieticians and nutritionists claim that one of the most healthiest and natural methods in trying … Continue reading

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Dreams. What are they and why do we have them?

  Dreams can be a gallery of images, ideas, emotions and feelings that take place subconsciously in your brain whilst you sleep. There are two main cycles of sleep which occur throughout the night, non-rapid-eye sleep (NREM) and rapid-eye sleep … Continue reading

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