10 Ways To Plant A Tree This Year (some free) For National Tree Planting Week

By Jonny Haskins 2 December 2020


National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season (November to March each year). This year, it’s taking place 28 November – 6 December 2020.

Top 10 ways to plant a tree in the UK

  1. Plant one tree a day for free from your phone with the TreeApp
  2. Plant trees for free whilst you search online with Ecosia search engine
  3. Buy a tree for your garden from the Woodland Trust (The bestseller Hazel tree is just £14.95 for a pack of 4)
  4. Your local school can order free tree packs for all the community to get involved in the plant orchards for schools programme
  5. Find a local tree planting event near you to bring more greenery to your area (although many are cancelled this year because of lockdowns, there are still many happening and you can follow online too)
  6. Volunteer - Become a tree warden in your local area to help organise events and promote tree planting or get involved with Trees for Cities along with many other charities looking for volunteers
  7. Plant a tree in the National Forest (now postponed till next year, Saturday 13 March 2021)
  8. Make a donation directly to the ITF charity to plant trees in Africa to help improve lives as well as the eco system - even setup a subscription
  9. Plant a Giant Sequoia in the UK to capture your entire lifetime carbon footprint with one single tree
  10. Choose to plant a number of trees with the ITF when you make a purchase from Get Laid Beds
The largest tree in the world is General Sherman in the Sequoia National Park, USA

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