Thank you – You’ve Helped Us Plant 25,000 Trees in Africa!


We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have now planted over 25,000 trees in Africa thanks to the generosity of our customers.  Thank you to everyone who has supported our tree planting campaign in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation.

Planting trees makes a huge difference to the environment and to the local families in the area of Mount Kenya, Africa, who are benefiting from the kindness of our customers.

What we are doing to help create a more sustainable future

Following the most recent and devastating destruction and fires in the world’s most biodiverse tropical rainforest, The Amazon, we’re taking a closer look at the simple steps we can all take to become more environmentally conscious. 

Here at Get Laid Beds we work with the ITF Tree Planting Foundation who helps to promote the importance of trees. We’ve contributed to over 25,000 trees being planted so far, to support the International Tree Foundation’s mission to plant 20 million trees by 2024. We are dedicated to sustainability and go the extra mile to make a conscious effort to reduce the carbon impact when sourcing wood for our frames. We’re also committed to continually reducing the use of plastics in our packaging and the production process, with the vast majority of materials we use being fully recyclable.

Farmers Planting

What Others Are Doing

Right across the world countries are starting to understand the value of vegetation and the benefits trees bring to our society and the environment. For example, Manchester is currently focusing on woodland management in order to grow 3 million trees in the next 25 years. The aim is to have at least one tree per person within the city’s boundaries. 

Countries across Africa are working together to build a wall of trees across the continent to support wildlife and offset the emissions which are causing devastating climate change effects. So far, 15% of the 8,000km Great Green Wall has been planted, which will pass through over 20 countries, including Nigeria and Ethiopia. To date, an outstanding 11.4 million trees have been planted in Senegal alone. 

What You Can Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

With the busy lives we all lead, it can feel like an impossible task to be more environmentally friendly, although there’s a few simple steps we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our natural environment.

Off-setting your carbon emissions is a simple way to do your bit for our environment with the positive impact lasting for generations to come.  Planting just one tree helps to offset around one tonne of carbon emissions.

How Do Trees Help to Reduce Carbon in the Atmosphere?

As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from human activity and store this, taking it from the air and mitigating the impact these emissions would have caused to our environment.  The average person in the UK emits around 15 tonnes of CO2 annually – you can easily offset this by donating £6.00 to plant 15 trees to our campaign here. We’ll even send you a certificate by email to let you know when your trees have been planted and the difference this is making in the area of Mount Kenya.

Ditch Fast Fashion and Buy Vintage Clothes Instead

The world’s passion for fashion is having a devastating impact on our environment. A huge amount of water and chemicals are required to dye and produce fabrics, with as much as 8,000 litres of water needed to grow enough cotton to make a single pair of jeans!  By choosing vintage clothes instead, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by extending the life of garments that have already been manufactured.

Take a look at other simple and effective ways you can reduce your carbon footprint here


We caught up with one of our donors, Amanda Timms, who let us know why she chose to support our tree planting project:

“As strong believers in helping the environment and leaving this amazing planet for the next generations to enjoy, we choose to shop with Get Laid Beds so we could offset the wood used in our new bed frame and plant new trees, also their beds are fantastic.”

– Amanda Timms, Get Laid Beds Customer

Donate to our tree planting campaign and help us build a better, greener world.  

Thank You For Your Support – we look forward to celebrating the planting of our next 25,000 trees!

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