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A Japanese or oriental theme has become a popular choice in many homes across the UK especially the style of oriental beds. Interior design has evolved over the years and today it seems to be going in the direction of a minimalist, contemporary and clutter free décor, and with this oriental influence this balance and peacefulness can be brought into any home.

Whether you are interested in just the oriental beds themselves for a room with a low or sloping sleeping, guest room or loft room or if you want to transform your whole room into a Zen inspired oriental feeling then looking at a well made low styled bed would be a great idea.

Low Tokyo Bed
Oriental ethos and philosophy is based on straight lines and symmetry and just like most Japanese or oriental furniture the beds are low to the ground, creating a simple yet sleek visual. Instantly grabbing the attention of the room, it gives an illusion of space and clutter-free-tranquillity – ideal for your personal haven. With one of our one luxurious pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses to suit, your new oriental bed will be create a peaceful retreat ensuring you get the best night’s sleep.

More About Oriental Decor..
Soft colours are favourable with traditional fabrics such as velvet, cotton and silk are popular with Japanese interior decoration, and will be sure to create a peaceful and luxurious sleeping environment.

Why choose Get Laid Beds for your oriental bedroom?
Handcrafted in the UK by our experienced bedmakers, our low wooden beds are built to the highest of standards and feature Mortise and Tenon joints for strength, durability and longevity – so much so, we offer an 11 year guarantee covering workmanship and materials. Our very popular Low Tokyo Bed is now the centrepiece in many bedrooms across the UK for its simple but elegant design. What’s more if you would like to further emphasise the Japanese influence, why not choose our stunning Low Platform Bed which sits low to the ground without a headboard.

At Get Laid Beds we pride ourselves on honest and friendly customer service. Our delivery tool enables you to select exactly which date and time you would like your wooden bed delivered and with. With an 11 year guarantee on all wooden beds and a great product to match you won’t regret choosing Get Laid Beds for your oriental beds.

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