Which Animals Sleep The Longest?

Animal Sleeping Lengths

Have you ever wondered how many hours we actually sleep per day? While we are struggling with sleeping problems and discovering healthy sleep promoting techniques, these animals can spend more than 80% of their time sleeping everyday. Spending much of their entire lives in a dreamy state, sounds very good to me. Here are the 10 sleepiest animals on earth.

  • Cats – These furry friends tend to sleep for about 11-12 hours per day.

  • Squirrel – The harmless Squirrel can sleep for 13 – 14 hours per day.

  • Hamster – This cute house pet can sleep for up to 14 hours per day.

  • Lion –  These fearsome cats can sleep can sleep for 14 – 16 hours.

  • Owl Monkey – You would consider monkeys to be full of energy, but owl monkeys sleep for up to 17 hours per day.

  • Lemur – Lemurs are bundles of energy, always bouncing around, but the truth is they sleep for up to 16 hours per day.

  • Opossum – For a little animal they can sleep for such a long time. Opossum’s sleep for around 19 hours at any one time.

  • Armadillo – Not the best looking creature ever, an armadillo can sleep for 19 hours day.

  • Sloth – Sloth’s make their name for being lazy, and you won’t be surprised that they sleep for 20 hours.

  • Koala – And of course taking the top spot is the Koala, who can sleep for 20-22 hours per day.

So if you are reading this and struggling with sleep, i’m sure your very jealous of these animals.

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